Tips on Creating and Maintaining a Salon-Worthy Blow Dry at Home.

Tips on creating and maintaining a salon-worthy blow dry at home

how to create and maintain a lasting blow dry

We all love the feeling that comes from walking out of the salon with a fresh blow dry. There’s just something about a head-turning, glossy mane that finishes off a look, and provides the perfect mood booster. However, the time and money constraints felt by us all mean that a daily, or even weekly professional blow dry is often out of the question.

Luckily for the limp-haired among us, the experts at online hair and beauty retailer have compiled a list of tips that will help you create and maintain a salon-worthy blow dry using nothing more than your humble hairdryer, a silk pillow case and everyday products.

how to create and maintain a lasting blow dry

The Wash

As the site’s in-house blogger Maja Tisma explains, the first step to enhancing your blow dry at home starts in the shower. “You need to know how to wash your hair in the correct way to achieve perfection.” Starting the process with really clean hair is essential if you want your blow dry to last. She advocates shampooing twice in order to achieve these results. Equally important is ensuring that conditioner is kept to a minimum. Although it’s great for detangling and hydrating your hair, too much conditioner will speed up the process of your hair becoming oily. Avoid the area nearest the scalp, starting instead about half way towards the ends. The quality of your product is also important: go for reliable brands which do not contain sulfates or paragons.

The Prep

A rigorous towel dry on stepping out of the shower is second nature to most of us, and it has great benefits for your hair! In fact, going straight for the dryer when hair is too wet can dull the shine and increase the likelihood of heat damage. The experts recommend making sure hair is about 70% dry before blasting with the dryer. Additionally, a heat protection oil will seal in moisture and prevent damage. Although you can find lots of protective creams and sprays on the market, these have a tendency to weigh down the hair, so go for the lighter oil option.

The Dry 

To get maximum volume and definition, always dry with your head upside down. You may look faintly ridiculous, but in this method will apply lift to your roots and will retain volume and texture over the next few days. Ensure your hair is totally dry, and then blast with cool air to finish. This will help seal cuticles and prevent frizz, ensuring a smooth overall texture.

The Finish

To guarantee the professional effect you’re after, a hair shine spray is essential. Pick a product without silicone listed on the ingredients, as this artificial product may make hair look greasy.

The Aftercare 

So, you’ve achieved your salon-quality look, now comes the tricky part: maintaining it. As moisture is the biggest enemy here, avoid water at all costs. This includes sweat, so gym bunnies should use absorbent headbands, and when showering or bathing a protective shower cap should do the trick. In terms of avoiding a bedhead look and allowing your blow dry to last for days, a silk pillowcase is a game changer. The smooth surface allows the hair to slide of the pillow as you sleep, retaining it’s pristine shape and texture. They’re great for the overall health of the hair too, preventing breakage and keeping split ends at bay. Finally, as long as your hair retains it’s glossy sheen, little refreshers are a great cheat. Simply spruce up the front, particularly if you have bangs or a fringe, and keep your whole do looking fresh for longer.

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