Get The Professional Spa Treatment At Home With The “Lava Shells Massage Home Care Kit”

Get the professional spa treatment at home with the “Lava Shells Massage Home Care Kit” 

Lava Shells Massage Home Kit

By now nothing much surprises us when it comes to massages. You can be pummelled with hands, elbows, feet, stones; on the floor, on hay or smothered in mud. You name it; we’ve probably tried it. If it means being kneaded like pizza dough by a stranger, all in the name of relaxation, rest assure we’ve given it a shot. So when we heard about a new at-home massage using hot shells, we were obviously intrigued.

Shared Beauty Secrets, the company that brought the celebrity favourite Lava Shells Massage, has just launched a portable version of their renowned treatment.

Although it’s always pleasant to take a break from city chaos and treat yourself to a spa vacation, it’s not always feasible (not to mention easy on the bank account). Thankfully there’s a way to evoke Pacific Island vibes and extreme relaxation without moving a finger- figuratively speaking.

The Lava Shells Home Care Kit is a self-heating home care massage kit, perfect for personal pampering for those who want an effective, no fuss beauty treatment in the comfort of their own home. Before you start wondering, no, the massage therapist is not included in the kit. But that won’t prevent you from enjoying the relaxation of a gorgeous massage therapy, not to mention reaping its benefits.

Dubbed the ‘new hot stones’, the Lava Shell Massage uses handcrafted shells made from the highest quality porcelain and crushed shells sourced from the Pacific Ocean. A unique blend of minerals, antioxidant algae and dried sea kelp is inserted inside the shell and blended with the sea water activator, generating heat and allowing a soothing massage to heal aches and pains, relieve stress and leave skin soft and glowing.

While the heat penetrates the muscles and helps them relax, the shape of the shell really helps target problem areas (do tense shoulders ring a bell?). The shells are also excellent used as a tummy massage, helping release tension in the abdomen, an area where we tend to store stress and anxiety. Massaging that area not only helps unwind, but it also aids digestion, meaning you may be able to get rid of some of that pesky bloating.

The kits come packaged in natural woven bags, contain one Lava Shell, a bottle of Basic Elements pure botanical exotic massage oil, four lava charges and activators, which will each heat the shell for up to one hour, and instructions on how to activate.

If you think this is just another gimmick, try it for yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised. At £39, it’s definitely cheaper than an in-spa treatment, not to mention it makes the perfect gift for any occasion where you want to give an indulgent present.

Available online at and leading spas and salons worldwide.

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