We’re Talking Red Carpet Manicures And Pedicures With Sarah of Olive & June

We’re talking red carpet manicures and pedicures with Sarah of Olive & June

Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and owner of Olive & June

Based in the heart of LA, nail salon and spa Olive & June is the place to be for everything trendy and chic about nails this awards season. YCB spoke to Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and owner of O&J, about what’s trending on the red carpets in the U.S. and the U.K., what’s to come in Spring and Summer seasons, as well as all the amenities that Olive and June offers its clientele. (After reading, we’re sure their newest client will be you.)

If you are a Los Angeles local or a sight-seeing visitor, setting an appointment here is a must. Ahead of the nail art and colour trend curve, what also sets Olive & June apart from the rest is its sincere devotion to showering clients with individual care.

“We care so much about our clients’ experience and try to elevate their nail appointment in every way,” said Sarah. “We want their time at Olive & June to always be the best part of their day.”

Olive & June on red carpet manicures and pedicures

Here’s what else she had to say about maintaining your nails just as the stars do.

YCB: Which stars hit the nail trends right on the head at the awards (Oscars, Grammys, BRIT Awards, etc…) so far?

SGT: It’s all about classic looks. My favorites were Gwen Stefani with her gorgeous red nails and black jumpsuit at the Grammys, Chrissy Teigan’s pale pink mani and gown at the Globes, and Anna Kendrick’s nude mani and coral gown at the Oscars. Of the more daring manis, Chloe Grace Moretz’s subtle rose nail art mani that perfectly matched her dress was stunning.

Chrissy Teigan's pale pink manicure and gown at the Globes 2015

YCB: What nail colours/patterns should we look forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?

SGT: Given the fact that this fall and winter saw a ton of neutral love over classic deep, dark manis, I think we will see dark manis getting more love than usual. In addition, any color that has a nude or neutral feel (i.e. a light coral, etc) will be a favorite as women are loving manis that more closely mimic skin tone. 

YCB: Do you have a preference for using some nail brands over others for certain techniques/colours/patterns?

SGT: I’m a huge fan of mixing it up, because I think almost all brands offer a unique perspective and color selection. We carry over ten brands at Olive & June and I would carry more if we had more space!

Katie Holmes manicure Golden Globes 2015

YCB: Every girl who walks into a nail salon is already self-conscious about the state of her nails. What is the one piece of advice you’d like to tell women about maintaining their nails ahead of hitting the salon?

SGT: The best piece of advice for maintaining your nails in between services is regular use of cuticle oil. It will always make your nails (polished or not!) look fantastic, and promotes healthy nail growth.

Olive & June doesn’t just handle nails. Oh no. They offer 10-minute massages, too, which can be added to any package. And, speaking of packages, its menu of offerings has everything covered from specialty products for moms-to-be (in a package cutely called The Emma), a luxe service for a chic experience (including packages like The Olive and The Alice) and an organic option for those customers passionate about holistic beauty (called The Margot).

For gels, The Chrissy is all you, and for funky, wild or whimsical nail art and wraps, it’s The Joss you’ll want.

Prices range from $18 to $90, so there truly is something for everyone here, no matter your budget. Although, prices vary for the customized nail art and wraps per customization.

For more on making an appointment, getting nail inspiration and trying trends set by Olive & June, be sure to connect with them on the site, as well as Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Courtesy by: POPSUGAR & www.colournailbar.com

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