7 Posh Workouts That Will Dominate In 2015

7 posh workouts that will dominate in 2015

It’s a new year which means there are a whole slew of new, hot workouts . What will be the next SoulCycle? We think one of these may have a chance. Check them out!

Punk Rope

You know how when you were a kid and you had so much fun jumping rope at recess? Well, now they have turned that into a class for grownups. Classes can burn up to 600 calories. But will we get to sing the nursery school rhymes as we jump?

Precision Running

Yup, there are now classes that focus solely on running on a treadmill. But this is not your ordinary run of the mill. You won’t be reading a magazine while walking on the treadmill. Most of them, like the one at The Mile High Run Club, combine high-intensity intervals and incline training, with lunges and squats. “There is a trend in fitness to return to simplicity, and running is the oldest form of exercise,” explains Andia Winslow, a fitness expert and coach at Mile High Running Club, told Health.com. “With indoor treadmill training, participants are in a controlled and yet challenging environment where they can, regardless of fitness level, keep up with class while running on industry elite commercial equipment. With less strain on bones, joints and tendons, runners can focus instead on form, specialized and programmed intensity and being wholly engaged with their runs.” 

Hot Barre

Barre is still popular as is hot yoga so why not combine them and make one excruciatingly sweaty workout? It combines the excruciating pain of barre with the torturous ordeal of hot yoga. Fun!


No this isn’t the latest street drug but rather it is the hot new workout on the street. SLT stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone. Think that just sounds like a fancy word for stretching? You would be quite wrong. This workout delivers major pain through a combination of cardio, weights and pilates.


Rowing is the new spinning. And a lot of that is due in part to a new fitness studio called CityRow. Founded by Helaine Knapp (who is not a professional rower), a new rowing-based exercise (on the sleekest machine you’ve ever seen) interspersed with regular intervals of intense mat work, which includes free weights, planking and squats (plus each stroke on a row machine works 84% of your muscles for full-body toning).

Knapp saw the rising trend of young professionals in cities wanting to be healthier and more fit, but not having a lot of time to do it. “Health and wellness has really exploded in the last five to 10 years and we are just continuing to build on things. First we had organic food and now we have really organic food. We are constantly learning and evolving and growing and I think that boutique fitness is a part of that. I think that rowing is just another level to that. People are getting smarter. They are more educated. There’s more resources on how to be in tune with your body,” Knapp told us.

If you are on a rowing high and find yourself in Miami try Orangetheory (orangetheoryfitness.com). It combines rowing, treadmill and weights and monitors your heart rate throughout with the goal of keeping it in the “orange zone” for optimal metabolism stimulation and increased energy.

The Barre Code

There’s the bro code and then there is the barre codebut right now this is only for Chicago ladies.  The Barre Code (thebarrecode.com) is a women-only fitness program, which offers kickboxing, dance, barre and vinyasa.

Body weight training

According to an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey of more than 3,000 fitness professionals worldwide, body weight training is predicted to be the next major workout trend. Carol Espel, Senior Director, Group Fitness and Pilates at Equinox says, “Look for the comprehensive incorporation of gymnastics, adult jungle gyms, workout spaces that are uncluttered with weight machines and open for training, greater suspension training options, primal movements, and more programming that is less focused on standard weight lifting protocols.”

Meredith Lepore

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