Tanya Burr’s Top 5 Tips For Going #BearFaced

Tanya Burr’s top 5 tips for going #BearFaced

Tanya Burr's top 5 tips for going BearFaced

Wearing make up: it hides the tell tale signs that you drank that extra glass of wine last night, it instills you with the confidence needed to take on the working day, it ensures your eyes are still sparkling by the time you meet your date in the evening  …and it also means getting up an extra 20 minutes early each morning. This November, going barefaced might not only gift you precious sleeping time, but it could also be the most liberating, and selfless, thing you’ve done all year.

BBC Children in Need is once again running its now infamous #BearFaced campaign, which sees women all over the country celebrating natural beauty by ditching the make up to raise money for disadvantaged children. In the past celebrities including Heidi Klum, Caroline Flack, Suki Waterhouse, Kimberly Walsh and Laura Whitmore have all taken part. But famous or not, we’re all being encouraged to swap our plethora of products for a simple Pudsey Pawprint this month.

We love the idea of embracing natural beauty, but for those who still feel a little bit wary of letting the world see the face that normally only the cat sees when we first roll out of bed, pioneering beauty vlogger Tanya Burr has shared her top five tops to achieve the perfect #BearFaced look:

1. Give yourself a facial massage

‘If I’m going to have a no make-up day then I make sure I give myself a facial massage, it really peps my skin up.’

2. Get your brows tinted

‘Your brows frame your face so if they look good then it makes a world of difference!’

3. Apply a face mask

‘You should do a face mask the night before to make sure your skin is well cleansed; in the morning your skin will be radiant and fresh, ready to go bare faced!’

4. Use a really glowy moisturiser

Take the time to find a moisturiser that enhances your skin tone as well as keeping it hydrated.

5. Wear a lip balm

‘A really good lip balm will not only keep your lips moisturised but it will also brighten the face overall.’

…and remember, regardless of how you think you look on the outside (we bet gorgeous), you’ll feel good on the inside knowing that you’re having a direct impact on providing a better life for a child in need.

To get involved, pop in to a Boots store or get online at boots.com to buy a Pudsey Pawprint to wear proudly on your #BearFace. Send pictures of you going BearFaced by visiting bbc.co.uk/pudsey or using #BearFaced and tagging @Pudsey Bear on Facebook and @BBCCiN on Twitter and Instagram

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