We’re Organising Our Bathroom Counter With LouLouBelle Skincare

We’re organising our bathroom counter with LouLouBelle Skincare

How to organise your bathroom counter

On an average morning, getting ready for the office can be a real challenge. The struggle really hits when faced with the circus that is our bathroom counter. Products strewn across the counter, lipliners and make up brushes in the toothbrush holder, blusher in the soap tray.. It can make the process of getting ready seem completely daunting and does not bode well for the rest of the day. You know what they say, ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’. We say, ‘Tidy bathroom counter, tidy mind’ something we know to be very true. We wanted to organise our bathroom counters with beautiful beauty products to take us through our daily skin-care routine. To find an easy and pretty way of doing so, we turned to LouLouBelle Skincare for help and sat down with Magda, the founder behind the brand, to talk about everything LouLouBelle and beauty rituals.  

How to organise your bathroom counterLouLouBelle was founded with the intention to create beauty products that care for the skin in the most highly effective way, plus they smell absolutely delicious! Whatever your skin type – dry, oily, combination etc – LouLouBelle can provide the best possible care for your skin.

My mission was to capture the benefits of aromatherapy by matching natural ingredients to each of the three main skin types’ Magda explains. A qualified beauty therapist and aromatherapist, Magda gave up a job in the property industry to pursue her beauty career, working with top brands and getting to sample the products to test how they felt for her. This prompted Magda to spot a gap in the market, ‘few of them actually made a real difference to the way my skin felt. Customers want products that smell beautiful but they also want their skin to feel wonderful and they want to see a difference.’ This is so difficult to find both these key aspects in skin-care, but with LouLouBelle, Magda has combined the two perfectly, even making the products in smaller batches to ensure total freshness. Magda carefully chooses the ingredients based on what will be most effective for a certain type of skin, and sources them from ethical companies she knows always bearing in mind that quality is her number one priority.

LouLouBelle Skincare

Our key qualm was the dreaded bathroom counter, and we wanted to know how we could bring order back to our lives. ‘A good skincare regime is just as import as eating healthily and taking exercise, so I pay attention to what’s on my bathroom counter.’ Magda tells us, stressing that we ditch anything old or out of date and never to save a product for best. There’s no such thing as best, you should be using a product every day to see the full effect so if any special occasions arise your skin is ready to go (oh hel-lo, Thanksgiving and Christmas!).

Face Set for Combination SkinNow that we have a bit more organisation going on, we dug for some skin care tips from Magda, if anyone knows how to best look after skin, Magda is the one. ‘I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. Every woman should do this – if you love your skin it will love you back!’ She explains. But what about all those little extras we are encouraged to use? ‘I also use an eye cream, a face oil (now that winter is setting in) and a lip balm’ All three of which Magda plans to add to the range in the near future. Magda also dispels the myth that you can completely get rid of wrinkles, but you can plump up your skin by hydrating it to make wrinkles less visible. ‘If you choose a great skincare range it should help you to age gracefully, slowing the passage of time but not attempting to reverse it.’

With nature as Magda’s biggest beauty inspiration, it’s no surprise that LouLouBelle Skincare promises to be kind and gentle to your skin and you can really feel the benefits from using the range. ‘When I studied aromatherapy it inspired me to work with Nature, because Nature knows best.’

You can shop LouLouBelle skincare here and get ready to feel a skin sensation.

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