We Switch Up Our Summer Nail Polish Routine With OFAT (Only Fingers + Toes)

We switch up our summer nail polish routine with OFAT (Only Fingers + Toes)

Your Coffee Break's Anouszka Tate sports summer colours from OFAT

‘Painting your nails should be a reflection of who you are. Whether you’re conservative or edgy, nail lacquer is the perfect way to express yourself.’ – India Michelle Martin, OFAT

Anouszka Tate wears nail polish from OFAT (Only Fingers + Toes)Never ones to pass on anything luxurious and exclusive here at Your Coffee Break, earlier this month we snagged an interview with India Michelle Martin, the chief executive of fashion-conscious nail polish brand OFAT. As the mastermind behind so many beautiful lacquers, we had to sit down with her to talk all things summer nail shades and we have been sporting the summery colours all over the town ever since!

Offering a stunning range of nail lacquers sold in Harvey Nichols and private members clubs like Grace of Belgravia and The Private Clinic, OFAT has been hot on our radar for a while now. Given our slight mani/pedi obsession, we obviously need to know what’s trending in the world of beautiful nail-polish colours.

A woman after our own hearts, India is a lover of luxury, and created OFAT in order to fulfill a very niche market gap in the form of indulgent but eco-friendly nail lacquers. Stylish and durable, they’re ideal for fingers and toes! New colours are released every season, adding to the core colours that form the base of the growing OFAT colour library.

The colours are named after people, places and pretty much anything else that inspires the OFAT team, meaning there is a story behind every colour name. India tells us that Bond was inspired by a stunning lilac coloured gown worn in a James Bond film, whilst Sunshine is a bold yellow as bright as the midday sun.

Summer nail polish colours 2014

A fan of classic colours, India’s fail-safes include OFAT’s Sloane for manicures (‘it’s a deep rich earthy teal that I can wear absolutely everywhere’), and the beautiful Maharani red for her toes (‘I wear it all year round and it makes my feet look majestic!’) We at YCB love the idea that something as seemingly simple as our nail colour can make us feel like royalty!

OFAT (Only Fingers + Toes)And indeed, India is adamant that not only should our nails make us feel special, they should be a reflection of our personalities. A great example is nail shape – OFAT’s chief exec reckons stiletto makes you appear daring and sexy, round is feminine and caring, whilst opting for square suggests you’re a strong leader. So next time your manicurist asks you how you want your nails filed, have a good think about the way you want to present yourself to the world!

Your nails are a vital accessory, so just as you wouldn’t leave the house without checking that your handbag matches your shoes, India believes that you aren’t completely dressed without coordinating nails! So, as we prep ourselves for the summer months, we took the opportunity to ask India what colours are trending, what her colour suggestions are for various types of holidays, and what shades can take us through our busy 9-to-5 schedule in the city.

Poolside manicureFor the ultimate poolside look, India recommends the French mani/pedi. French will always go with everything, and the white looks particularly beautiful against tanned skin. But, if you’ve bought in to the trend for seriously bright wow-factor printed bikinis this season, go for a neon that picks up on the colours in your swimsuit. Perhaps a bright yellow or orange – India points out that citrus nails were all over the S/S runways.

A slightly more muted orange can work perfectly for a sophisticated yet fun day-time look that will seamlessly take you from the office to a spot of lunch-break shopping. Given that India tells us that ‘while matching is nice, complimentary looks are even nicer’, we love the idea of pairing an orange nail with a peachy blouse from Sister Jane.

When working at a corporate job, you want to look for colours that reflect your personality while aiming for a polished professional look. Whether you rock a power dress or suit to the office, India claims that this summer, nothing will work quite as well as nudes: ‘for the office, nudes are great. Our colours Yummy Mocha and Sophisticate are my personal favourites.’

Remember that in the boardroom and during meetings you’ll be gesticulating a lot; your hands will be on show. Just as you slick on some red lippy before a presentation because you know it will help you command attention from the room, think about your nails in the same way. Nail colour combinations are endless but when it comes to creating a sleek office-appropriate look we’ll take India’s advice and team our sleek white Sister Jane dress with subtle nudes or a polished pink shade, or perhaps we might even try a gold or lavender shimmer.

A picnic brunch in the park with friends, followed by an afternoon stroll around the city is the perfect time to wear pretty open-toe sandals. In which case it’s imperative that you get your pedi polish right – the wrong colour has the potential to ruin cute shoes. Pick up on the little hints of colour in your outfit, perhaps there’s a delicate red trim on your dress. Take inspiration from the colour palette you’re wearing and paint your toenails accordingly!

India tells us that ‘nail art is evolving; from the red carpet to the high street, it’s still going strong’. With this in mind, how about swapping your trusty statement necklace for elaborate nails next time you wear your LBD on a night out? Let your nails be your main accessory! Pastels are big this summer, but India reminds us that nail colour should be as much about personal style as it is about trends, so don’t feel obliged to always follow the crowd if you don’t feel it reflects your personality.

Remember ladies: ‘your nails are tiny little canvases of expression’.

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