Get Massaged Into Better Health With Heartwork Therapies

Get massaged into better health with Heartwork Therapies 

We know that embarking on a new fitness regime can be tiring on the muscles, especially if you’re pushing yourself to new limits. Whilst massage is often thought of as an indulgent treat, personal trainers and massage therapists see bodywork as an integral part of your fitness regime. After all, when the body is at its optimum health, it can achieve so much more.

We caught up with Sophie Andrews, of Heartwork Therapies to discuss how the benefits of massage extend well beyond the initial relaxation and of course, why massage is so beneficial for ones health.

‘Massage can benefit a person on every level: mind, body, spirit,’ says Sophie, “People live in a very disconnected way in this day and age – their heads are not engaged with their bodies and being out of touch with what your body is telling you is a large contributor to soaring levels of stress in our society. Massage increases the energy flow throughout the body, boosts circulation, heals injury and grounds a fluttering mind.”

Heartwork TherapiesYou may not naturally equate massage with getting in shape but there many proven benefits to combining the two; toning muscle, aiding recovery, boosting your lymphatic system (losing water weight), as well as increasing performance and stamina whilst exercising.

“As a part of a fitness regime, massage prepares your body for exercise, protecting it from injury. It also improves the circulation of fluids in your body. When your bodily fluids are circulating efficiently, nutrients and oxygen are able to reach your muscles and other tissues better. I always think of it equating to a few hours of intensive stretching!”

Having trained with wellbeing pioneer Gill Tree at the renowned massage school Essentials for Health, Sophie has undertaken courses in all corners of the world, from Thailand to California, specialising in a range of massage techniques including Reiki, Thai yoga, pre and post natal, natural-face lift, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and deep tissue massage. The beauty of the differing techniques is that Sophie is able to offer a unique combination of physical and energetic work, tailoring each session to the precise needs of her client.

“If I were tailoring a treatment for someone undergoing a fitness regime, I’d take into account which areas of their body or their health they were working on (toning, cardio, weight loss, blood pressure, pre and post-pregnancy work etc.) and then choose the appropriate methods for their session.”
Whether your shoulders are tense from hitting the weights or your legs are feeling tight after a series of runs, a massage with Sophie can really help with your specific needs as they differ from session to session. “I blend aromatherapy oils to enhance the massage (i.e. if my client had stiffness in joints and tight, sore muscles I could use ginger, black pepper, lavender and lemon – for their warming, anti inflammatory and detoxifying properties) and then choose which techniques that would most benefit them. For post gym, I would use some sports techniques, myofascial release, thai pressure points and deep tissue work.”

Of course, just finding the time to go the gym after work is struggle enough, which is why Sophie offers clients the option of receiving their treatments at home. “I bring all the essentials of the spa experience to my clients home for a hassle-free and calming experience, transforming a functional room into a beautiful space for healing: candlelight, incense, aromatherapy oils, high quality cotton sheets, a heated blanket and calming music.” The advantage being that one can hold on to the peace and relaxation achieved through a massage without being beleaguered by the outside world once your session is complete.

For those wanting to continue the health benefits post massage, Sophie offers a debrief, giving the client relevant aftercare and yoga stretches, leaving your body in perfect condition for your next workout. “If someone is working really hard to change their body through exercise, often they come to me feeling really achy, tired, sometimes discouraged. A massage can give them more energy, make them feel more in touch and accepting of their bodies, relieve aches and pains and re-spark their enthusiasm.”

We can’t think of any better reason to book ourselves in for a session.

For more information on Sophie and Heartwork Therapies go to:, email or call 07928332189.

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