Marilyn Monroe Poses On Her Bed Wearing Nothing But Chanel No. 5

Marilyn Monroe poses on her bed wearing nothing but Chanel No.5

It’s been fifty years since her death but Marilyn Monroe is still promoting her favourite brand…

Marilyn Monroe and Chanel no 5

It was a PR’s dream come true when, asked what she wore to bed by Life magazine, the blond bombshell replied “Chanel No.5”, instantly skyrocketing sales of the fragrance. The comment seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, having become the basis for the latest Chanel No.5 advert that has us completely enthralled.

We at Your Coffee Break have a unanimous love for the fragrance; whether it’s evoking a sense of nostalgia as we remember it as our mothers’ favourite fragrance or enveloping our inner starlet with it’s classic full-bodied scent, it’s undoubtedly a timeless classic. Chanel have described the fragrance as one that becomes more intriguing with time, not unlike Marilyn herself, who, in the cinematic new advert, is heard verbalising for the first time her fragrant bedroom attire “Just a few drops of Chanel No.5.” Guaranteed we think, to ensure that her favourite perfume remains as iconic and legendary as the actress herself.

April 7th, 1952, the legend of Chanel N.5 was born… 

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