5 Easy Steps To Healthy Eating

5 easy steps to healthy eating

Planners at heart, us working women spend a lot of our time planning events, scheduling meetings, returning emails and phone calls. We are so busy ensuring everything goes smoothly for others that we often neglect to take care of ourselves. Follow these five simple steps to help fuel up for a successful day.

1. Plan your meals as if you were to plan a day of meetings with an important client.

Take extra time at the beginning of the week to plan meals and your grocery shopping. If your week starts on Monday, Sunday afternoon would be a good time to plan ahead for breakfast and lunch for the rest of the week. By starting your morning with a healthy breakfast, instead of instant coffee, you will jump-start your metabolism and energy levels for the day. Packing a healthy lunch will ensure your energy levels stay up well past the 3 o’clock slump! After work, treat yourself to dinner with friends or head home for the veggie soup you planned to make.

2. Make a grocery list.

After you have planned what you will eat for the week, make a list of the items you already have and those that you need to get. Take your grocery list with you to help save time at the store, help you remember what you need, and to help steer you away from impulse buys.

3. Pack your lunch, everyday!

Food i the foundation for more than just our weight. Food impacts our health, both mental and physical. Packing a healthy lunch can keep you from indulging in the calorie packed meals that are catered to business meetings. We all know how hard it is to say no to a “free” catered meal, but your waistline will thank you over time. If you have a lunch meeting at a restaurant, you can always leave your packed lunch in the office refrigerator for the next day.

4. Plan for healthy snacks.

Snacking in between meals doesn’t have to be a bad idea. The one thing most healthy eaters have in common is that they always have food with them. Packing healthy snacks of veggies, fruits, or lean protein will keep you away from vending machine urges and afternoon calorie traps. If you have a late meeting and aren’t sure when you will have time for dinner, take a healthy snack to get you through so the entire room won’t be distracted by your stomach rumble!

5. Plan for exercise, too.

Exercise not only releases endorphins that make you happy, it also helps you focus and boost memory.  Set aside time each day to walk, jog or even lift weights. People who exercise tend to make better food choices throughout the day. Write that time down in your planner to help you visualize how it can fit into your busy routine.

By: Rainie Carter 

Rainie Carter

Rainie is a registered dietitian on a mission to save the world, one healthy lifestyle at a time. She's a runner and a foodie with a passion for all things nutrition and fitness. She believes that life is not just about living, but about living well. Contact Rainie at rainiecarterrd@gmail.com or check out her blog, Be Well at www.eatdrinkbewell.com