Give Your Hair A Makeover This Summer!

Give Your Hair A Makeover This Summer!

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Here at YCB we’re always ready to try the next best thing! With the Great Gatsby mania and Hollywood-celebs seen in Cannes, sporting their new short ‘dos during the Film Fest, we have to admit that some of us followed the latest trend and decided to chop off our long locks. (yes, by transforming ourselves into Daisy Buchanan, we thought that Leonardo DiCaprio would fall for us…) Now, we’re bored!

Yes, we’re still obsessed with all things Daisy Buchanan and felt very much like the beauty (just like a piece of art!) while sporting the look together with our flapper dresses, but now we’re tired of not being able to style our hair! In other words, with the higher temperatures, we miss our long locks and that messy beach hair.

If you’re finding yourself in the same situation, listen to this!

Our go-to girl and lady of the hour Shannel, sometimes operating from Adee Phelans Salon in Covent Garden, can easily give you the ultimate hair makeover for summer! With over 10 years of experience, Shannel is a leading Tricho Consultant who specializes in hair loss solutions and hair extensions. She puts the art back into your hair using the award-winning Beauty Works products, which have a worldwide reputation for the finest hair extensions in the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe, and Australia! Celebs who use Beauty Works hair extensions include Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha Dixon and Cheryl Cole.

Most recently, Beauty Works have worked with celebrity stylists including Ben Cooke for Amanda Holden, Michelle Sultan for Alesha Dixon, Jamie Stevens for Louise Thompson and Lisa Laudett for Kimberley Walsh.

To channel her inner Daisy Buchanan, one of the YCB ladies who went for the short bob this spring was YCB Founder and Editor Charlotte. Last week, YCB Editor’s look was totally transformed with the 14” Celebrity Choice Weft Hair Extensions! These exquisite hair extensions are the real thing! And we mean real hair, ladies! You can wash ‘em, brush ‘em, dye ‘em, curl ‘em, straighten ‘em—the works! Everything you do normally, you can keep doing exactly the same with these bad boys in your hair!

Shannel will make sure the extensions match your hair colour in the most naturalistic way possible, ranging in over 32 colours and in 6 different lengths! A toast to enjoying a healthy-looking head of hair. “The extensions provide great volume too! I love it because it’s so easy to style my hair in different ways now,” Charlotte told us envious coffee addicts. This extension treatment is quick, easy, and long lasting! Perfect for professional women who don’t have the time to spend hours at the salon. “The appointment itself was really quick! It only took an hour, which was great for busy women like myself!” Charlotte continued. “You can even come in and get it during your lunch break!”

Get ready to say “hello” to gorgeous hair extensions for a great deal of £115!

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