We Have The Victoria’s Secret Angels To Thank For Introducing Us To This Beauty Secret!

We Have The Victoria’s Secret Angels To Thank For Introducing Us To This Beauty Secret!

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Okay ladies, it’s officially summer and the bikini season is here! While shopping for the perfect bikini, or going on a crash diet may seem like the obvious ways to look hot on the beach this summer, we have a new way to look and feel confident! We have discovered Inner-Soul Organics, a luxury, organic and natural skincare brand that will help you get that bikini body. We thank the Victoria’s Secret Angels for introducing us to the beauty-secret that is body oils.

Emma Coleman is the brains behind these luxury products, and she told us all about Inner-Soul when we met over a coffee in our London office last week. “I originally launched Inner-Soul as an aromatherapy practice in 2001 after my eldest son came along, and began almost immediately to make bespoke blends for my clients. As well as loving the process of designing and creating products I think my previous background in nursing gave me a bit of a knack in being able to view people holistically. Soon I was receiving several orders a week for the oils so I designed an initial range of skincare to bring to a wider audience.” says Emma.

This working Mother’s attention to client’s needs and genuine interest in her work lead her to create bespoke, luxury skincare products. “Much of the range today is based on items I designed for my clients and I strive to keep a bespoke theme within the products; when a woman browses the range I hope she will find something she feels has been made just for her.” With emphases on fine flower and fruit extracts, each ingredient and scent is chosen for their powerful benefits to skin. This is combined together with the creation of a sumptuous experience for the senses with the quality and vibrancy of the packaging and the way the products feel as they go onto the skin, along with their exquisite scents, these beauty potions are naturally beneficial to your skin, and aesthetically pleasing in your bathroom.

Emma also told us about her great focus on giving the brand a ‘British’ feel, while still focusing on the natural elements of the ingredients. Emma is also an avid reader, and the inclusion of literary quotes adds to the English essence.  “I’ve always been an avid reader and matching literary inspired quotations to each product felt very natural. We are a British brand and I wanted this feature not only to strengthen the English feel, and the ‘made for you’ nature of the whole range, but also to present something extra special for the user, making her feel beautiful.”

Miranda Kerr beauty secretsUsing nature to bring out natural beauty is especially relevant over the summer period. During this time you often have to let your natural beauty do the talking, as it’s best to let your skin breath and go makeup and product free. Heavy makeup and hot weather can seriously clog your pores and result in unsightly breakouts. However, the idea of spending day’s without makeup on makes many people shudder. With Inner-Soul’s natural, organic goodness you can look after your skin to achieve a glowing, healthy complexion! Creating the perfect base, and dealing with any problem areas on the run up to your holiday by selecting the enhanced-by-nature face products from Inner-Soul, you can ensure that you will look naturally radiance on holiday, which will lessen your desire to wear heavy makeup to hide your natural beauty away.

It is no secret (excuse the pun) that Victoria Secret’s Angels use body oils when walking in the infamous VS Lingerie shows. Using oils helps to naturally highlight and accentuate your curves, as the light is reflected to the shiny oil coating your body. With Inner-Soul luxurious oils slicked over your body, you can look and feel confident in knowing you look great on the beach or by the pool! But don’t forget your sun screen!!

Inner-Soul OrganicsWith ready available products for you to choose from, or bespoke serviced to create products with essential oils best suited for your skin type and needs, Inner-Soul is luxury skincare enhanced by nature and designed for you. Easy to personalise, the lovely ladies at Inner-Soul will send you a questionnaire via email that you fill out and return, and they will design, create and theme the organic and natural face oil to suit you and your skin. You get your very own, unique product, with an inspirational quotation on the label, so you feel as good as the product will make you look!

This summer, don’t be scared to go makeup free, or worry about potential wobbly bits in a bikini. Inner-Soul uses natural goodness and the mantra of having a healthy mind, body and soul being the secret to looking good, but feeling good too, to provide bespoke skincare products designed to let your natural beauty glow. Let your skin breath in the heat, and let your radiance shine this summer with the luxurious, organic products Inner-Soul has to offer!

For more information or to make your purchase today, simply visit www.inner-soul.co.uk

Jade Bailey-Dowling

Jade lives by the quote ‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ as said by Coco Chanel. She loves vintage fashion, red lipstick and caramel lattes. Pursuing a career in fashion and beauty public relations and journalism, she wants to work in London, Paris and New York.