Five Tips To Achieving Beautiful Winter Skin

Winter is here and that’s not good news for our skin. The change in temperature, the harsh outdoor elements and central heating all combine to make it dry, dehydrated and easily irritated. But all is not lost: read our top five tips to keep your skin looking fresh, bright and youthful this winter.

1) Moisturise

The change in season means skin may produce less sebum and lose more moisture so applying moisturiser day and night is essential for keeping skin plump and supple. Crème de la Mer’s new Moisturising Crème is ideal as it light, easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

creme de la Mer's Moisturising creme

2) Stay hydrated

Top skin care specialist and facialist to the stars, Ole Henriksen believes hydration is key for beautiful winter skin. “Hydration is number one. Drink lots of water and invest in a humidifier for your home.”


3) Suntan lotion

While UV rays may not be as strong as in summer, sun protection is still a winter must. Bare Minerals new and exclusive Ready foundation  is an easy way to factor it into your everyday routine. Combining mineral hydration, an antioxidant-rich mineral complex and SPF 20, it gives you long wear protection all day.

suntan lotion

4) Nourish

Treat your skin to a little TLC from the inside out. Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy skin, nails and hair so make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need with a daily vitamin complex. Containing vitamin C, MSM, silica and marine collagen, Inner Me’s capsules will boost natural tone and suppleness.

Inner Me's capsules

5) Exfoliate

Last but not least, exfoliate regularly. As well as ridding your skin of dead and damaged cells, it prepares it to absorb more moisture and nutrition. Bare Minerals gentle powder treatment will cleanse and renew skin leaving a smoother complexion and noticeably smaller looking pores.

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