The Best Composite Colours That Will Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

Composite decking is a beautiful material that will make your garden inviting. The decking board comes in different colours ranging from light colours to darker ones. There is light grey, brown, silver and also dark brown and grey colour. Building a garden deck with any of these decking colours will be great. Wondering which is the best composite colour to make your garden beautiful? This article is for you.

Which Composite Colour Is the Best

Composite boards, unlike wood, come in varieties of colours that will beautify your garden. Homeowners can build a multi-colour decking with various composite colours. They can also create contrast on their decking by installing light and dark composite boards. Let’s consider the various colours of the composite decking.

Light Grey Composite 

Light grey is one of the best composite colours you can use to make your garden beautiful. When you use the light grey composite to build a deck, the decking will create a focal point in your lawn or you can hire services. A good thing about light grey decking is that it can complement any decking design. 

Homeowners can build a seating area in their garden with the light grey decking board. The colour of the board will highlight the furniture making the deck aesthetically pleasing. Light grey composite is ideal for building a garden deck in any location. The board will not get hot if exposed to the weather.

Chocolate Composite

chocolate is the darker version of the light grey decking. It is also part of the best composite colours that will make your garden beautiful. If you want a modern garden decking design, choose a chocolate colour. Also, chocolate composites are great for installing in cool regions or under a shade as the board can absorb heat from the sun. 

Homeowners can use chocolate decking to create a beautiful garden decking design. You can choose to install the same composite colour to make a decking. However, homeowners who want their garden to look more inviting can contrast the chocolate colour with the light version. The contrast in colour will make the decking appealing, thereby creating a focal point for your guest.

Light Brown Composite 

Light brown composite is also beautiful as light grey composite. The colour is versatile as you can use it in any home and garden design. If you want to create a contemporary or traditional decking design, light brown composite is a good colour to choose. It is one of the best composite colours that will make your garden beautiful. The board is also great for Installing outdoors as it won’t absorb heat from the sun.

Dark Brown Composite

The dark brown composite decking is great for creating a beautiful garden decking design. If you want a traditional look for your decking, use the dark brown composite board. The composite colour is beautiful and will make your garden beautiful too. It will complement any of your garden designs. Dark composite colours are great for Installing under a shade to prevent the board from getting hot in summer. Homeowners who live in cool regions can use dark brown composite outdoors.

Silver Composite 

Silver composite is great for installing in any region. If you are in a place where the weather is hot, choose silver composite. The silver colour will not absorb heat from the sun making the decking comfortable even in summer. Those who are living in cool regions can also use silver composite. 

Homeowners can build a garden decking with a silver composite colour. The colour will complement any garden design making your garden look modern and classic. When a visitor enters your garden, the silver colour decking is part of the first thing he will notice. It is the best composite colour you can use to make your garden beautiful. 


The best composite colours that will make your garden beautiful are silver, light grey and brown decking. Additionally, dark brown and grey composite are also great for modern garden decking design.