Turn Your Blank Window Spaces Stylish with These Tips

Windows without treatments can look a little bare to say the least, and so can your living space if you continue to postpone dressing up your windows by adding curtains and blinds. While there are services like www.valleyshades.com that strive to give the best look to your windows, why not go for it?

Just as curtains and blinds add personality and style to your windows, don’t forget the importance of window screens in enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Companies like Best Custom Screens specialize in providing tailored solutions for homeowners in Acton, California, offering a variety of screen options to suit your preferences and needs. From keeping pesky bugs out to allowing fresh air to flow freely, quality window screens are essential for creating a comfortable and functional environment indoors.

Designing a home is an art and although we know that getting curtains sorted can feel a bit out of reach (simply because of measurement, sewing, and just the fact that it takes time and patience…) its an essential part of getting yourself settled in your home. You can look at here now to know more about expert’s point of view on this.

Hanging curtains bring colour, pattern and texture into a room, however it can be hard to decide on the right style for the room in question. You need to establish if you want a formal, causal, traditional or contemporary style. As the people at Flyscreens Perth said, windows and curtains should get together. You will need to consider how practical the curtains are such as the weight and transparency of the fabric and the shape and density of the window.

To help you decide on which curtains you want to buy for your home and for each room, Vanessa Arbuthnott has helped us out by sharing her tips to find the perfect pair of curtains.

1) Measurements

Curtains which have been mounted perfectly will enhance your décor and make your room feel noticeably bigger. In order to gage which size you need, measure the height from the rod to the floor before hanging curtains and remember to include the rings and account for how much space you’d like between the curtains and the floor. For a tailored look, a standard curtain panel is 5cm winder than the window.

2) Finish with finials

This is a simple yet very effective feature. The finials are decorative end screws which are at the end of your curtain rod and can be excellent finishing touches. Finials are also great if you wish to change the style of your current curtains without replacing all of the hardware. A great room with a well-suited pair of curtains will look completed once the finials are added. A rod shouldn’t end just right over the windows, it should be of a maximum size and extended on either side. This makes the windows look larger as well as allowing more light into the room.

3) Complementary colours

Complementary colours sit opposite each other in a colour wheel, this is a traditional approach that works well. Temper the contrast with a fabric pattern that mixes in the complementary colour to your wall colour. If you have blue walls then the complementary colour is orange so for the curtains you can opt for an orange and ivory colour scheme.

4) Choose your priorities

In the living room area make sure you identify your priorities; do you value light control or privacy? Or even aesthetics? Bright colours do fade if they are exposed to lashings of bright light from the windows and ends up looking shabby and old. Neutrals will blend in far more easily and won’t be affected by the weather.

5) Insulation 

Curtains can make an impact on the overall warmth of your room. During winter, it is advised to buy thicker fabrics which help the process of reducing heat loss through the windows but in summer a thicker fabric tends to trap the heat into the room. The ideal middle ground (if your budget allows it) is to opt for both summer and winter weight curtains, if this isn’t an option then something medium would be more suited but ensure that it’s thermally lined.

6) Consider the closed look

Curtains in communal areas will be open and shut at least once during the day so you need a pair that can be closed easily so. It is best to avoid tab top heading styles for these rooms. You should also consider how they will look when they are open, either leave them hanging for an effortless look or fix them back with hooks or ties for a soft and decorative look.

7) Don’t force it

Although curtains are added to windows as accents, don’t feel the need to apply it into every window, if the area isn’t communal then you may find curtains don’t need to be used. The decision to implement a curtain into a window is influenced by the architecture, we use curtains more often than not but if a window is more accustomed to be on its own than there is no harm to stay that way – sometimes less is more with windows since the weather determines the brightness of the room.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.