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Scandinavian design has taken over the world of interiors in recent years. There’s no longer the need to search auction sites for original pieces because big high street chains like Next and Wilko are now delivering the goods when it comes to affordable Scandi home pieces.

But with every trend comes a price to pay. Instead of stocking up on cheap items that may end up on landfill in a matter of months, many people are opting instead to put time and effort into researching furniture that comes from more sustainable sources. In fact, studies show that as many as 3 out of 4 millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings.

Using just a few modest materials, Raw Circle has managed to come up with several different pieces of furniture which can be used in both home and garden. The untreated pine taken from construction sites is naturally weathered and therefore protected from the elements without the need to paint or gloss over. This makes for simply stunning yet practical garden furniture.

The dining table and accompanying benches slot together perfectly and can stay outdoors all year round if required. The company can also build custom-fitted benched to work into your existing garden, making use of little nooks and crannies that are otherwise unused. For example, the benches can be fitted into small balconies to create extra seating and storage options or beautifully placed in your living room.

The benches aren’t exclusively for sitting either – in fact, they make an excellent feature for seasonal decorations such as potted plants, Halloween pumpkins or Christmas lanterns. The skilled craftsmen can even construct sturdy shelving to house a barbecue, making the idyllic alfresco kitchen for garden parties.

Indoors, the benches make great portable seating solutions as well as an eye-catching coffee table. In fact, over the years you can choose to use a Raw Circle bench for a variety of purposes meaning that is will live in your home at every stage of your family life – and in multiple homes, if you choose to move on. The trolleys can even be used as an attractive TV stand or a bench to conceal unsightly radiators. Each piece can be made to your own dimensions, so it’s certain to fit exactly where you want it.

Raw Circle also recycles old cable drums which were previously used for power lines. Each drum is weathered by rain and snow and bears unique markings and colourings from light grey to dark brown depending on which one you choose. These cable drums are fitted with a sleek but sturdy base to make a minimalist yet substantial coffee table suitable for any home.

Not many people would consider using concrete in the home, but Raw Circle has used it to make these stools that act as a stark contrast to an otherwise warm and cosy interior decor. The concrete tops are moulded with a flat surface, nice curve and are available in a variety of colours. Simply throw on a soft sheepskin quilt to make sitting more comfortable. A matching table can also be made with wire or wooden base to whatever colour and design suits your preference.

To bring the rustic Nordic feel to your walls, there are wine shelves made from salvaged wooden pallets.

These aren’t solely made to hold wine and glasses. Instead, they can be used to add personality and colour to the home by filling it with trinkets, artwork and your favourite fresh flowers.

Hang anywhere that you want to inject a little Scandinavian charm!

Fiona Reid

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