Stylish Bedroom Interior Design Ideas You Should Try

The bedroom is, for most if not all of us, the most personal and private room in the home. This means that we have the freedom to make it into whatever we feel best suits us. The living room, dining room, and every other area of the house is subject to outside eyes and judgement, but in the bedroom, we can really let loose and show our true creative colours. We can be just as wild and as wonderful as our imagination wants!

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to stir up the creative juices by giving you a bit of a taste of the design variety and range that you might want to explore as you embark on the journey of making your bedroom truly yours.

Draw the Eyes

One of the factors that leave us feeling dissatisfied with our bedroom setup is a lack of the ‘wow’ feeling you want to experience when you walk into a room. It isn’t anything in particular that causes this, but a general sense of the place you immediately get once you set foot in it.

What’s the missing ingredient in your case?

In most cases, we miss a vital design consideration; every room should have a star – a focal point to which the rest of the room radiates from and which sets the tone of the room. You could place a fireplace or an impressive painting as the centre of attraction, just keep in mind that the less visual noise there is in a room, the greater the overall impact of the space.

The Grey Option

For a long time, you wouldn’t have expected to find grey featuring at the top of anybody’s bedroom design palette. It just wasn’t the done thing. Times are changing, however, and the colour is trending all the way up-and-down the country.

Designer outlets and realtors are making use of grey with all its seemingly endless gradations to give a touch of modern understatement or traditional gentility to the most contemporary spaces.

A modern bedroom plan could go with deeper, more dramatic gradations of the colour juxtaposed with the glittering effects of metal and glass furnishing to achieve a truly forward-facing effect. Businesses like Karkanja have been using these techniques to stage properties for a quick sale, designed to attract the modern-day client looking for a new take on the old bedroom.

The Attic Solution

This is for those of us with an attic that is begging to be given a purpose. If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with actual extra space, then you should definitely go for it. Attic bedrooms are all the rage, with the design challenges of irregular roofing (check MasterRoof Contracting for the best roofing services) and the possibilities that come with the sometimes awkward dimensions giving rise to truly inspired solutions. Textural accents and coastal vibes can go a long way to creating a perfectly relaxing bedroom in the attic. For the best roofing services, people can check out James Kate Roofing!

Try your hand at it converting your attic into a sleeping space; it might make for a great extra bedroom or a place for one of the young ones if you’re not keen on the idea for yourself.


Whatever your tastes, and whatever your reasons for decorating or redecorating, the main thing to remember is that you’re making a space where a lot of time will be spent relaxing and sleeping, so don’t be afraid to make sure it’s absolutely right for you and yours. A few small tweaks can make all the difference, so experiment and have fun your bedroom interior design project.

Elena Tahora

Elena is a seasoned property investor and real estate agent. She is now working as marketing consultant whilst pursuing her passion for journalism.