Do You Have Missing Teeth? Here are 6 Important Reasons why You Should Replace Them

Tooth loss can cause self-confidence issues, as well as other dental health issues. No matter where you have missing teeth, replacing them is essential to improve your overall health and reduce the risk of further repercussions further down the line. Below are 6 important reasons why you should replace your missing teeth, even those sneaky ones at the back.

Treatments Will Be More Expensive The Longer You Leave It

We all know that dental hygiene can be costly but skimping on dental care now will cause more costs for you later on. The longer you leave a missing tooth, the harder it can be for implants and other cosmetic procedures to take, as your jaw begins to deteriorate. You are also at a higher risk of infection (see below), which will cause further dental bills.

If you have a missing tooth, full arch dental implants are an affordable choice that can last a lifetime when cared for properly. If you are looking for dental implants in Glasgow, for example, the Glasgow Smile Clinic can help. Check out their website for more information on dental implants, how they are used to replace missing teeth, and who is suitable.

Jaw And Gums Can Deteriorate

Although your teeth are primarily used for chewing, they have other purposes too, and have a direct impact on the health of your jaw and gums. A missing tooth can impact the shape of your jaw over time, so it is best to replace a tooth sooner rather than later. When a tooth is rooted into your gum, it can stimulate it. Without this stimulation, your body can start to reabsorb parts of your jawbone and gums. This will affect the shape of your jaw and face.

Your Smile Influences Your Self-Confidence

We all know how much a missing tooth can impact our confidence, especially when it is noticeable. There are many benefits to smiling more and nobody should feel embarrassed of their smile. If you don’t want to flash your teeth for a photo, it might be best to look into getting a dental implant, so you can replace your missing tooth and regain confidence in your smile.

A Missing Tooth Impacts All Your Teeth

Even if you only have one missing tooth, this can have a significant influence on other teeth. When there is a gap in your gums, our body’s natural response is to fill the gap, meaning the teeth around it will begin to shift. If you do not fill the gap with an implant, your teeth will soon be misaligned, which can also cause issues with chewing.

Misaligned teeth also cause further jaw issues. You may find that your teeth no longer sit correctly in your mouth, which can lead to jaw ache. Teeth grinding is a common occurrence when your jaw is misaligned, which not only causes tightness in the jaw but can also harm the rest of your teeth. This can happen no matter where you lose a tooth.

You Can Eat What You Want Again

A missing tooth, even just one, can cause a myriad of issues, including the ability to chew certain foods. If you have lost several teeth or lost an important tooth for eating, you may find it harder to chew. Some foods may also get stuck in the gap, which is uncomfortable and a breeding ground for bacteria. To ensure you don’t miss out on your favourite snacks, it is best to replace your missing teeth.

There Is A Higher Chance Of Infection

Losing a tooth through gum disease is very common. If this has happened to you, replacing the tooth is the best option to reduce further infection. An empty gum socket is a fantastic place for bacteria to live as it is warm and moist. Food is much more likely to stick in this area unless you brush your teeth and use mouthwash after every meal. Once there is a build-up of plaque and bacteria in these places, it can be harder to clean.

This is how gum disease is formed, as well as other infections, such as a dental abscess. This can be painful and cause further costs, as you need to pay for antibiotics to get rid of the infection. It is dangerous to leave an abscess untreated as it can lead to another infection in your bloodstream, known as sepsis. Speak to your dentist if you think you have an abscess.

As you can see, replacing your tooth is a much better option than paying for further treatment, running the risk of an infection, or changing your jaw structure. If you want to be able to eat what you want again, a dental implant may be the right choice for your missing tooth.

Krysta Jakson

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