Moody Blues From Jaeger for Autumn 2012

Is blue the new black? Blue is definitely the new “it” colour of this Autumn/Winter 2012 season. Think royal blues, midnight blues, and shades of navy.

British designer Jaeger is up to speed on this trend with their latest “Moody Blues” collection. Jaeger adds depth to luxe, leather pieces, giving your go-to-work style a fresh and modern edge.

Moody Blues From Jaeger

These shades of dark blue are perfect to achieve that classic ladylike style – just look to Kate Middleton for proof. Middleton is a walking example of how to style and make Autumn’s trend of dark blues and the ladylike silhouettes of Jaeger’s newest collection look chic and street worthy.

Moody Blues from Jaeger

To add a new spin play with varying shades of blues, textures, and silhouettes to achieve a layered look. Or, try mixing with black pieces to your predominantly blue look. Add black tights underneath a navy skirt or a cropped black jacket over a silky midnight blue dress. Blue as the newest “it” colour of the Autumn/Winter 2012 season is definitely a trend here to stay.

Kayleigh Mencia

Kayleigh is a twenty-something fashion focused girl, living in New York City. Kayleigh's passions lay in fashion, writing, and traveling. She dreams of one day leaving her mark in the fashion industry. Follow Kayleigh on instagram at Kayls148 to see all her latest adventures in NYC.