Solo Travel: How to be More Confident When Travelling Alone

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to get out of your comfort zone and head off on a solo adventure. Now that the travel restrictions are being eased, many of us are enjoying our new found freedom and looking to do what we love again.

We have pulled together some tips for feeling more confident if you are looking to travel solo, helping you maximise the experience.

Get Used To Your Own Company

Loneliness is something many solo travellers experience and is a completely normal human response to being alone for elongated periods of time. Before you head off on your solo venture, get in the habit of spending time alone so you can control your emotions better and familiarise yourself with your own company. Take yourself out for the day, read a book in a cafe or head to a restaurant alone and you’ll quickly realise it isn’t all that scary!

Don’t Take Risks

When you’re alone, safety is paramount so ensure you remain sensible and alert at all times. Although the risk is low and the people around you will likely be nothing but friendly and helpful, be as savvy as you would when at home to avoid getting into sticky situations. Being brave and trying new things is one thing, but reckless situations can be particularly dangerous when you’re by yourself.

Alone Together

Travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to undertake your adventure alone. If you would prefer to have some company while you explore, there are plenty of ways to find some people who can join you so you can share the experience. Try booking onto group tours that specialise in solo travel, finding Facebook groups for solo travellers or staying in a hostel where you can meet new people.

Facing Fear Builds Confidence

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” When you’re out of your comfort zone, throw yourself into new experiences head first and try things you wouldn’t normally do, after all, what is the worst that could happen? By pushing through any fears, you will learn an incredible amount about yourself and hopefully discover new passions which can stick with you.

Do Your Research

The more you prepare, the more confident you will be when you arrive at your destination. Research the local currency and exchange rate, the public transport options and a rough idea of how the city is laid out. By having a brief understanding as you get there, you can avoid the intimidation of feeling lost and out of your comfort zone so you can crack on with your trip.

Decide Where To Stay

Your accommodation is your safe haven and can completely transform your experience. If you’re hoping to meet like minded people from all over the world, a hostel is a great place to stay where you will never feel alone. If you’d prefer your own space, research the different hotel or apartment options and make sure they are centrally located. Whatever you pick, make sure to check the reviews so you know you’ll have a soft landing when you get there.

Find Your Cheerleader

If you ever find yourself having a wobble, never hesitate to reach out to that friend or family member who will pick you up when you’re down. Make sure to tell them all about your upcoming trip and if you feel nervous or lonely, give them a call and it’ll almost definitely give you the motivation you need. Stay away from those who are only lukewarm or negative as you need to surround yourself with positivity and encouragement.

Be Patient With Yourself

This trip is a time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself so remove any pressure you have put on yourself and just go with the flow! On the first day, it is a good idea to find your bearings; having a wander around or booking onto a city tour so you can see what is around you. From here, avoid making a super strict itinerary as you may find something else that catches your eye or meet new people who you will spend the day with.

Treat Yourself

With nobody but yourself to please, fill your adventure with all of your favourite things and do them at your own pace. Especially if you find yourself nervous or feeling isolated, do those activities that you find calming to bring your mood back up. Whether that is something as simple as grabbing a cup of tea, sitting by the river, reading a book or even booking a massage, do whatever makes you the happiest!

Find What’s Familiar

When you’re in a new city, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself into the culture by trying new foods, speaking to the locals and exploring a new place. Although we love to try new things, sometimes you just need a taste of home to ground yourself and relieve any anxieties that may have arisen. Most places have international brands like Starbucks, McDonalds or popular shopping chains so head here for an hour if you need to have a break.

Riya Sander

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