7 Locations to Add to Your Bucket List Based on Your Favourite Colour

We all have our favourite colours that bring us a little bit of joy. But what if you could add destinations to your travel bucket list that are filled with some of the most beautiful colours in the world?

From bright greens to muted yellows, the world has it all, so if you are looking for the ideal places to visit that will fill your Instagram feed with your favourite colour, take a look at the colour destination round-up below.

From the Izamal in Mexico to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine here are seven destinations to add to your bucket list based on your favourite colour:

1. Yellow 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Izamal, Mexico

Located an hour east of Merida, Izamal in Mexico, which may offer services like mexico helicopter tour, is known for its vast array of mustard yellow buildings that line the towns cobbled streets. The most iconic snap if you are a lover of sunny shade is the Convent de San Antonia de Padua.

Built, in 1561, the site is a beautiful shade of the sun and not only stands out for its bright paintwork but is also rich with history and even includes a museum dedicated to Pope John Paul II’s visit in the ’90s. 

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2. Orange

Bucket List Travel Destination: Toriis Gates, Japan

If orange is your favourite colour, then why not add the Toriis Gates in Japan to your travel bucket list? The destination is filled with rows and rows of sacred orange gates. 

Since its construction in the 8th century, the Shinto Shrine now has over 10,000 gates and counting. Not only does the colourful construction stand out thanks to its bright orange Toriis Gates, but each gate is also a donation from business owners to evoke prosperity.

3. Red 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Red Square in Moscow is a perfect destination to add to your travel bucket list if you are a lover of all things red.

The historic square marks the intersection of the Kremlin and the president of Russia’s official residence. But that’s not the only thing that makes it worth visiting, the buildings in the area are filled with intricate designs and architecture that make it a work of art, that are definitely worth a few snaps for your Instagram feed.

4. Pink 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy 

Cinque Terre in Italy is one of the most colourful locations in the world with five multicoloured villages located along the seacoast. In fact, Cinque was named the world’s most colourful location in Uswitch’s recent colourful places report. 

But, if you are a lover of pink then there is a specific village you need to visit in Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore. The clifftop location is filled with rows of houses all painted a different shade of pink including bright hues to pastel tones. 

5. Purple 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

If you’re looking for some purple inspiration to add to your bucket list next year, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore should feature. 

Described as an urban nature park, the Gardens are what you would expect from a tech-savvy city. The destination is filled with huge purple futuristic that is lit with every shade of the colour as well as a range of blues when the sun goes down. 

6. Blue 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Chefchaouen, Morocco

For those that love a brilliant shade of blue, Chefchaouen should be on your bucket list. The location is lined with family-owned shops and brightly coloured walls that are all a different shade of blue.

But that’s not all, the story behind the town blue winding labyrinth-like streets, are said to symbolise the sky. With so much beauty to explore it’s easy to get lost in Chefchaouen in no time.

7. Green 

Bucket List Travel Destination: Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Green destinations around the world are often formed from their own natural beauty, and the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is no different. 

As an abandoned section of the industrial railway just outside Klevan, the beautifully green destination has gained a reputation as a good luck charm for people’s love life, hence the name. The plant made tunnel is also a spectacular place to walk and is worth adding to the list for future travels. 

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