Why You Should Go for a Full Glamping Experience on Your Next Weekend Break

The glamping experience has acquired its fair share of enthusiasts, and this isn’t surprising considering the fact that it draws on all of the positives of camping, and manages to improve on them. But what exactly is glamping? 

Well, glamping is similar to camping in that you are still able to spend quality time in nature, but it doesn’t come with the discomfort that comes with camping. With glamping, you can be quite comfortable – and you can relax and savour the outdoors and the fresh air without having to deal with pesky bugs or insects, uncomfortable accommodation, unclean and messy bathroom facilities, and the like. 

Just as its name implies, glamping is glamorous camping – it’s camping at its finest, and here’s why you should go for a full glamping experience on your next weekend break.

Enjoy the cosy comforts of home

We all have quirks in regard to comfort, but we can all agree that we have a general agreement on what comfort is – from luxurious beds and linen to fully-equipped bathrooms to kitchens with whatever gadgets we need to prepare a great meal. 

Glamping does away with the unfortunate inconveniences of camping, from sleeping on the cold ground to dealing with insects to settling for a bland tinned meal from the campfire. With glamping, you can enjoy the cosy comforts of home, such as in these north east glamping lodges. You can enjoy your adventure in different locations too at the same time – from mountaintops to forests to beaches and countryside landscapes.

There are various glamping sites across the country, and you can take your pick from among these locations and simply set up your comfy and luxurious glamping tent. A lot of individuals are now purchasing their own glamping tents, and there are many glamping and safari tents for sale which you can set up with whatever comforts and amenities you desire. Enjoy the tents to live in while experiencing the luxury of camping.

Cleanliness is a big deal 

Let’s face it – while camping has its joys, allowing you to benefit from the fresh air and the surrounding nature to the fullest, it can come with a few discomforts as well. And one of the major discomforts that come with camping is a messy campground. 

With camping, you may have to deal with the muddy and dirty ground, especially if it rains, and the place where you’re sleeping may end up becoming dirty as well. 

Not so with glamping – with it, you can benefit from more luxurious accommodation, and there are even glamping tents with wooden flooring, real beds, running water, and full bathrooms. If you are a stickler in terms of cleanliness and don’t want to worry about keeping your campsite and accommodation clean and dirt-free, glamping is an easy solution.

A chance to save money on your weekend break

Staying at a hotel or other traditional accommodation does have its charm, but it comes with a cost. 

If you are on a particular budget or would simply like to save while still having a wonderful time outdoors, you can go glamping instead of staying in a hotel, and the good thing is that glamping is, in many ways, just like staying in a comfortable hotel room – and even if you purchase your own glamping or safari tent, it is still well worth the cost simply because you already have the accommodation you desire every time you want to get rejuvenated by spending time with nature.

Riya Sander

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