The History of Bingo in The UK 

Bingo is a well-loved game that has spanned the globe for more than a century. We would like to share some interesting facts about the game’s history. As a bonus, we will give you the top strategies for winning at online Bingo. So, grab a coffee, and let’s look at this game that refuses to go away. 

Bingo is a game that has spread across many countries. Under ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’, it began in Italy, which means Italian Lotto. But, it did not take long for Europe to catch on to the game. It spread like wildfire and planted firmly on the shores of the UK. Once the game became a hit in Italy, it rapidly moved to France, where it became popular with the aristocracy. In the 1800s, Bingo made its way to Britain. During the second world war, it became an international success.


In the 1960s, Bingo grew up. The 1960 Gaming Act regulated gambling in the United Kingdom. Suddenly, Bingo Halls began springing up across London, and enormous prizes were assigned to the game. This was the beginning of Bingo as we know it today. As you can see, this is no child’s game. It is actually a global lottery with large jackpots. Over the decades, a few things have changed. At one time, Bingo was known as Beano. The number of balls used in the game has changed a few times, but the modern version is very similar to the original game.  

Online Bingo

Today, this board game has evolved thanks to technology. The ease of play, large purses, and excitement of the game have created a modern-day phenomenon. Around 4-million people(4% of the population) play online Bingo in the UK. The online game brings in roughly £551.2 million annually.

● A wider variety of games and themes.

● More people are playing at the same time, allowing for more excitement.

● The convenience of apps means Bingo is available around the clock, in every country, and every day. 

● Wider variety and availability lets players play multiple games in the same time frame.

● More profit for Bingo vendors allows for more employment in the industry and more money to go around.

● There is a significant growth factor predicted. Virtual reality lets Bingo fans play live games, tournaments, and contests.

Tips to give you a winning edge


The big thing to remember with online gaming is timing. Play when there are fewer players online. Fewer players mean a greater odds of winning.

Play more games

In Bingo halls, you see people with several cards in play at once. Online games are plentiful. Play more games/cards to increase your chance of hitting the Jackpot.

Learn about the game

There are various prizes and bonuses available in certain games. Before you start to play, be sure you know what you are playing for. Take advantage of sign-on bonuses and promotional prizes. Socializing in the game rooms sometimes alerts you to extra perks that may not be easy to spot. Check with the moderators and see if they have any tips before you begin to play. Don’t make side bets with other players. That is asking for a loss, and it is usually against the rules, which could cause you to lose your account and winnings. 

Learn Bingo Strategy

You may not know that slight variations in games (and game sites) make a difference in your play time and winning ratio. Check out the different strategies online. Changes will usually revolve around the number of balls in play and equal & odds numbers.  

Use a good Bingo vendor

Take the time to check out your vendor. How do they rate online? Do they have a reputation for quickly paying their winners? Do they carry the proper license and insurance? Have they been around a while? These are essential things to look for. It is important that you use a quality vendor and that they offer a secure site.  You can search Google for details. If the information is not readily available on their corporate website, you might reconsider.


Bingo has been wildly popular since its beginning, and it is still one of the most popular games around. Millions of people cannot be wrong. The game is easy, fast, and fun. Because the game is so well-known and easy to play, you can find a site and register and be playing for money in minutes. The growth of technology directly influenced the evolution of Bingo. Both are expected to continue growing in the next several years. If you have never played online Bingo, you should give it a try. You may find out why Bingo is a global favorite.

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