Playing Slots Online: How to Make Your Money Go Further

Playing slots online can be great fun, and if you’re a thrill-seeker, you’re bound to love them. Make money using the official crypto trading software btc loophole whilst playing online and witness yourself reaching new heights.

Gambling is a good entertainment source, but you should do it sensibly to keep it that way. Not only is responsible gambling vital to keeping your experience enjoyable, but knowing how to get the most for your money also helps. 

In this guide, we look at how you can make your money go further when playing online slots and how to keep the experience fun. Keep reading for all of the answers.

Find New Slot Sites

The well established and longest-running websites tend to be the least generous. This is because there’s less of a desire to attract new players as they already have a large and loyal base. However, a newer slot site or one which wishes to grow into a large, trusted player in the market will allow you to sign up for free spins in order to encourage users onto their platform and ensure their experience is positive.

Finding where to play is easier said than done, but thankfully, there are comparison sites for new slot sites, just like car insurance and holidays. We recommend that you start with one of these, as doing so is very beneficial. They outline all of the newest brands, bonuses, terms and conditions and other important information about slot sites. 

Compare Bonuses 

Once you have found a slot site that you like the look of, consider the bonus for signing up and making your first deposit. This is the number one way to make your money go further, by finding a bonus that offers to double or even triple your deposit.

Deposit matches are the best value, as you end up with a bigger balance than you started with. Free spins are also great fun but won’t last as long. The most generous of all is a no deposit bonus, where you can play for entirely free without spending a penny of your own money. This is a great way to play for fun with no risk and familiarise yourself with a casino before committing to making a deposit. 

Many sites will offer online slots real money no deposit. This involves several different offer types and a great way to make the fun last longer. The standard welcome package tends to include a combination of deposit matches and free spins. Remember to always look closely at the terms and conditions involved, including minimum deposits, maximum wins and wagering requirements. 

Play High RTP Slots

In the online casino world, RTP means return to player percentage. Every single game has an RTP, and it’s all about playing the ones with the highest percentage. A higher RTP game essentially pays out more than one at the lower end. This means that you can play for longer and enjoy some wins along the way too.

The standard game RTP is around 96%, so anything lower than this should be avoided. We recommend that you choose games that are even higher than 96%, and here’s an example of some:

  • Ugga Bugga (99%)
  • Mega Fruit (99%)
  • Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix (98%)

These slots aren’t always readily available at all online casinos because of their high payout percentages. But there are plenty of others that exceed the 96% standard, so keep a close eye out and always check the RTP of a game before playing.

Stay Within Your Limits

All of these tips are here to enhance your gaming experience and get more bang for your buck. The most obvious and most important way to make your money go further when gambling online is setting your limits and staying within them. These can be physically set within your account, including daily, weekly and monthly deposit and loss limits.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and never chase your losses. Remember that playing slots online should be fun and not something you should rely on to make money. The unpredictability of online casinos means that winning is never guaranteed, and so if you find yourself getting frustrated or gambling above your means, take a break. Remember that you can also self exclude entirely using the Gamstop service, which will restrict online gambling access.

Brenda Kimble

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