A Warm Welcome: The Best Housewarming Gifts for Foodies

Approximately 308,000 households across the country were looking to move home last year, and with many of those first-time buyers, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate this milestone with a thoughtful gift. 

For many, moving house can be both a stressful and expensive time, so treating your loved ones with a little care package can go a long way in helping them settle in. 

Katy Baxter, Head of Marketing at Baxters of Scotland said: “Moving in can often be a chaotic time where money and supplies are short. Where traditionally, people would bring essentials like bread or salt, a luxury hamper or food-centric gift can give the new homeowners one less thing to think about.”

So, what are the best gifts to give someone moving home?

Here is some food for thought: 


If your friends are real foodies who enjoy spending their money on eating out or quality ingredients, giving the gift of food can be perfect for them settling in. 

For those moving into their new home, what could be better than that first week of shopping all taken care of? Think pantry staples like soups, jams and chutneys to occupy the bare cupboards and elevate your homemade cooking. 

Consider a Gourmet Cheese Selection, for instance. A box filled with a variety of cheeses, from creamy brie to sharp cheddar, is sure to please. Pair it with a selection of artisanal crackers and a bottle of honey or fig jam.

Freshly baked bread from a local bakery or a subscription to a bread delivery service can make every meal special. Sourdough, rye, or a crusty baguette – the options are endless.

Another classic is the spice rack. A set of exotic spices like saffron, truffle salt and za’atar can inspire some future culinary flourishes, transforming simple dishes into gourmet meals.

A well-curated luxury food hamper can bring all of these key ingredients together.


No foodie experience is complete without the perfect drink to complement the food. 

Here are some drink options that make fantastic housewarming gifts…

A Statement Bottle: Of course, your loved ones are going to want a real special occasion bottle to crack open and toast their successes. How about a bottle of champagne or a nice whisky to help them say cheers to their new home?

Wine Subscription: A subscription to a wine delivery service can provide the new homeowner with a curated selection of wines to explore each month. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Craft Beer Set: For beer enthusiasts, a selection of craft beers from local breweries can be a great gift. Consider including a variety of styles, from IPAs to stouts.

Specialty Coffee or Tea: A collection of rare and high-quality coffees or teas can make mornings in a new home feel extra special. Consider pairing it with a French press or a beautiful teapot.

Foodie Experiences

Sometimes, the best gift is an unforgettable experience. Here are some food-related experiences that can make memorable housewarming gifts:

Cookery Classes: Enrolling your friends in a cooking class can be a wonderful way for them to learn new skills and have fun. Many places offer classes on a variety of cuisines, from Italian to Thai.

Gift vouchers: A guided food tour of their new city can help them discover hidden culinary gems and local favourites. This is a great way to immerse in the local food culture or why not choose a gift voucher for a local independent eatery? 

Wine Tasting Experiences: A voucher for a wine tasting at a local hotel or restaurant or a wine tasting kit they can enjoy at home can be a sophisticated and enjoyable gift.


Moving home can be exciting and stressful in equal measure. Gifting your foodie friends something that aligns with their passion is a surefire way to make them feel special in their new home. 

Whether it’s through high-quality ingredients, a well-chosen bottle of wine, a luxurious hamper or the latest food trend, these gifts are bound to be appreciated and cherished.

Amanda Bootes

Amanda Bootes is a lifestyle blogger and freelance writer from Kent. Amanda is also a trained chef who has a penchant for good food, late nights and flamboyant cocktails, as well as finding the most unique and exciting workout classes, so she can enjoy even more food with no added guilt.