Forget the Pub – Brits Will Be Watching the England Game Tomorrow, From the Comfort of Their Own Sofa

Despite a lacklustre performance so far, new research shows the majority of Brits are still behind England, with 72 percent insisting they will be supporting from home tomorrow – rather than tackling queues in busy pubs.

Nearly half (46 percent) of hopeful fans will be hosting or attending a football party tomorrow evening  – with hosts set to fork out £120 on average, on food and drink.

Two thirds (67 percent) will be watching with friends and family, while eight in ten say a good match party cheers everyone up, despite the result.

However, 86 percent say that serving up crisps in a bowl and cans of beer is old fashioned and outdated, according to the poll by HelloFresh.

Four in ten will be laying on a posh spread, with charcuterie boards, craft beers, cheese boards and English fizz on the menu.

While 52 percent say they will be consuming more wine, cocktails and spirits than beer this tournament, with gin and tonic and Aperol Spritz among the top beverages of choice.

“This research shows how much passion we’re putting into hosting a football fiesta this summer. It is clear that watching football together over great tasting food has become an integral part of the sporting calendar.” says Mimi Morely, from at Hello Fresh.

“We know that our customers want to cheer on the squad rather than slave away in the kitchen, so our no-fuss party platters deliver delicious variety to your door – from matchday bites like Gyro Style Kofta Tacos Nachos to mouth-watering plates inspired by European Cuisines like an Italian Cheesy Meatball Ciabatta. We’ve even got a special Father’s Day brunch box…meaning HelloFresh can take away the stress of food-prep morning, noon and night on the day of the first England match!”

Peanuts in bowls, questionable meat pies, pork scratchings and scotch eggs are all considered outdated when hosting a football party and not offering non-alcoholic alternatives or vegetarian food is a big no-no.

Over half (55 percent) say that cost is a factor when deciding whether to watch the football at home or at the pub, with three quarters (76 percent) planning to watch the game this summer in the comfort of their own place.

38 percent admit they have been looking forward to this year’s tournament since the last one finished, while a further 44 percent have spent the last few months in a state of excitement.


1.            Stone baked pizzas – 45%

2.            Craft beer – 42%

3.            Cheese boards – 27%

4.            Gin and tonic – 24%

5.            Homemade cakes – 23%

6.            English fizz – 18%

7.            Homemade chilli – 17%

8.            Pretzels – 16%

9.            Mocktails – 15%

10.         Charcuterie boards – 11%

Tatiana Rehmova

A glass half-full kind of a girl and a believer that everything happens for a reason, Tatiana works in Media Relations. She loves writing, spotting inspiring stories, and building meaningful relationships.