Balance Activ Launches Podcast on Intimate Women’s Health to Open Up Conversation

From discussing first periods and menopause to busting myths on sexual health, the new podcast is here to break down taboos

Balance Activ – the women’s intimate health brand – has launched a 6-part podcast series to open up the conversation on all things women’s health.

Touching on subjects from your first period through to menopause and everything in between such as endometriosis and sex, the new podcast has been launched following a recent survey of 5,000 women that showed the urgent need to open up dialogue on intimate women’s health.

Hosted by podcaster Diona Doherty and Love Island celebrity Dr Priya Gopaldas, each episode has a guest join them to discuss the topic at hand.

The podcast has been launched following the brand’s Big Vagina Report where Balance Activ surveyed 5,000 women highlighting some shocking statistics on women’s understanding of their own bodies, with 46% of UK women agreeing that they are never quite sure if what is happening with their vagina is normal or abnormal, with this figure increasing with younger generations.

With over three quarters of women surveyed (77%) feeling embarrassed discussing their intimate parts with people they don’t know that well, and a shocking 39% being embarrassed to talk to a healthcare professional, it’s clear that there is more work to be done around breaking down these conversational barriers. The full survey results can be found in the link below.

Hosted by actor, writer and comedian Diona Doherty and Love Island celebrity Dr Priya Gopaldas, each episode has a guest join them on the sofa to discuss the topic at hand, creating a safe space for conversations that many find difficult.

Discussing topics that are often shrouded in secrecy, the podcast is highly relatable, and listeners will be able to draw on their own experiences as a woman whilst also listening to the experience of others on topics such as post-partum depression and bacterial vaginosis.

Each episode will have listeners laughing and crying to anecdotes, whilst Diona, Dr Priya and the podcast guest dive into deep conversations around women’s intimate health, with Dr Priya sharing useful and insightful information on different health issues.

Diona Doherty, The V Revolution Podcast host, comments: “It was such a fascinating experience to discuss so many personal women’s issues so openly with some incredible women. We’d honestly go from crying with laughter straight into a really emotional conversation about the tough realities of these issues. 

“I know that I found it eye opening, and I just hope that The V Revolution Podcast by Balance Activ will help to breakdown taboos so that women feel confident enough to speak about any issues they have and ultimately get answers and solutions to their problems.”

Episode rundown:

·       Episode 1: Embracing Change: Unpacking the Mysteries of Menopause

·       Episode 2: Explore the Realities of Postpartum

·       Episode 3: Period Power: Transforming the Conversation on Menstrual Health

·       Episode 4: Sexual Health Myths: Let’s get the truth!

·       Episode 5: A Brave Conversation on Intimate Health Conditions

·       Episode 6: Covering All Bases: Exploring the Most Common Intimate Health Conditions

The V Revolution Campaign is all about breaking down barriers and shining a light on intimate health with confidence and positivity. Balance Activ is creating a community where taboo topics are transformed into empowering discussions through the likes of the podcast as well as a Q&A series on social media and competitions.

The Balance Activ website will continue and expand on being a hub of trusted and engaging information and tools for women to better understand their bodies and feel the confidence to take control, particularly of their intimate health, whilst offering a range of products to support.

All episodes are available to listen to now on V-Revolution  SpotifyAppleYouTubeAmazon Music and Podbean.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.