Exploring the Best Movie Streaming Channels on Roku for a Сozy Family Evening

If you consider yourself a fan of movies, you’ll appreciate these movie channels. They provide indie films, cult classics, documentaries, and more. You can find quite a lot on Roku for families.

If you want to watch the best movie for your family, check out the following channels on Roku.

#1 The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel proves itself as a top contender for those in search of diverse entertainment without spending a dime. This local service offers an impressive range of choices – live TV, movies, TV shows, kid-friendly content, and on-demand films.

We appreciated how it serves as a hub for content from prominent networks like ABC, WB, and Sony Pictures, seamlessly combining classics with contemporary shows. Not only does this channel boast an extensive content library.

#2 Xumo

Xumo provides a wide range of options for users with free live TV and on-demand streaming. With over 190 channels available, you can explore various genres including sports, local news, comedy, horror movies, and more. Get ready to laugh uncontrollably with the FailArmy channel or enjoy quality family time with Family Feud. Stay updated on the latest sports highlights through FOX Sports, PGA Tour, and other channels.

#3 Crackle

Crackle offers a wide range of entertainment, including TV shows and popular Hollywood movies. With a frequently changing selection, you’ll always find something new to enjoy. Explore classic films like The Karate Kid, as well as Crackle’s original content such as the crime comedy-drama series, Snatch.

When searching for streaming channels on Roku, you may encounter one difficulty – much of the content is unavailable. There is a way to fix this through a VPN. The role of VPN on Roku is to change your virtual location. If you need instructions on how to use a VPN on Roku, please refer to the link. This will allow you to switch to a region where more content is available.

#4 Fawesome

Fawesome offers an outstanding entertainment experience, making it a top choice. It features a wide range of genres, including action, comedy, drama, classics, and romance, ensuring it caters to diverse audiences. Additionally, Fawesome takes entertainment to the next level with specialized channels like LGBTQ and Bollymix.

With over 10,000 hours of streaming content, Fawesome constantly updates its collection to keep viewers engaged. This extensive library of free on-demand movies and series appeals to various preferences, encompassing Hollywood classics, indie films, and addictive soaps. Stay captivated with Fawesome!

#5 Stirr

Its viewers have access to over 120 channels through Stirr, along with live local news, movies, sports, TV shows, music, and more. Classic series like Knight Rider and comedy shows such as Whose Line is it Anyway? are available, along with dedicated channels like “Law & Crime” and “NASA,” as well as a fitness channel. In total, more than 8,000 hours of TV shows and movies can be enjoyed.

#6 The CW

The CW provides a plethora of excellent entertainment options, including Riverdale, All American, and Kung Fu. Additionally, it offers full seasons, behind-the-scenes content, and interviews. Best of all, the CW is completely free to watch without requiring a login. The only limitation is that shows cannot be viewed before they are broadcast on the main TV channel.

#7 Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides over 100 channels and thousands of movies for free. You can also explore live TV; it’s similar to having a cable subscription, except it doesn’t cost a thing. Admittedly, you won’t access the newest content, but you can easily search by category and enjoy a variety of shows, including drama, food and sports, kids’ TV, and classics such as Unsolved Mysteries, CSI, and Hell’s Kitchen. To watch the latest movies for free, you can use the VPN addon free on your PC and enable the screen mirroring feature. This may not work with all movies, but there are often new and free or inexpensive movies available online.

#8 Tubi

Tubi offers an extensive variety of free movies and TV shows across multiple genres, including Western drama True Grit and horror flick Resident Evil. From kids’ entertainment to drama, comedy, horror, and even niche categories like anime, manga, manga zip, and Korean dramas, Tubi has something for everyone.


Through Roku, you can access a huge amount of content in different genres, and topics and for different ages. On the listed channels you can almost always find family content that will brighten up a boring rainy evening at home with your family.

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.