Why TikTok Trend ‘Healthy Girl Habits’ / ‘Healthy Girl Era’ Can Cause Harm to You and Others 

In 2023, TikTok is where all trends start, and a trend that is resurfacing ahead of summer is ‘healthy girl habits’ / ‘healthy girl era’ the issue is a lot of the habits that are being promoted and their claims are inaccurate and can lead to a lot of harm to your body and mind.

Fat loss expert and fitness influencer Isabella Murray discusses how these habits are in fact harmful / inaccurate.

1 – a gallon of water per day

It is being promoted that to be ‘healthy’ a gallon of water a day is needed. That’s an insane amount of water. A US gallon is 3.75 litres and an imperial is 4.5 litres. water intake varies from one person to another due to age, height, gender, weight, climate, exercise etc. More water doesn’t equal to better hydration. Over hydration can lead to water poisoning due to the diluting of electrolytes. Hydration isn’t just about water, hydration is any fluids. To check your hydration levels you don’t need to consume high volumes of water, instead check your urine. If your urine is clear, you are over hydrated. Optimal hydration can be seen in your urine as a subtle yellow like lemonade, any lighter can lead to side effects like drowsiness, headaches etc. so drinking a gallon of day can be harmful.

2 – a slice of lemon in water for bloating

Tiktokers are claiming that to be ‘healthy’ lemon water is needed to aid bloating. A slice of lemon will have no effect no matter what on bloating, a slice of lemon has no health benefits. The only benefit a slice has is it may improve the taste of the water.

Even if half a lemon was to be squeezed into water, it will not support with bloating. The natural stomach acid levels is already higher than a lemon, so adding extra acid may cause harm to some.

For many, people are bloated due to chronic constipation, as majority of uk adults don’t have enough fibre in their diet, a lemon is not high in fibre to help ease constipation.

The only addition benefit to taste, is extra vitamin c if half a lemon or more is squeezed.

Isabella Murray is known as the ‘no bullshit fitness trainer’ on instagram with 95k followers and 53k on TikTok. Isabella Murray educates people on fitness and debunks fitness myths.
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Anabel Cooper

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