Trine Lund: Stunning Modern Art that Combines Elegance with Expression

Sometimes, artwork can transform a room. It can awaken your home with a fresh renaissance and breathe life into spaces you thought you knew. Yet, if the artwork is good – really good – you’ll find its presence utterly natural. It will feel like it always belonged in your room, as though placing it next to that window and besides that wicker chair is the most perfect synthesis you can imagine. 

Trine Lund’s artwork is this kind of creation. We are head-over-heels for her beautiful collection; her works are the kind that meld effortlessly into your room while imparting a chic style update in the process. They get A* for sophistication, too. By employing different materials and a variety of brushstrokes, Trine creates statement mixed media paintings that explore nature, the self and the human form. 

Trine originates from Aarhus, Denmark. The city is a dynamic cultural hub up there with Copenhagen and offers artistic inspiration by the bucket load. In her early twenties, following some time working in Communications, Trine began to explore the possibilities of abstract art. She soon realized that she had found her medium of expression – her second skin – and has been working as an artist ever since. She currently lives with her husband, Thomas, and young daughter. 

Shape, sound, texture and colour all coalesce to inspire Trine’s artwork. Living in the Danish countryside provides Trine with a treasure chest of ideas, and she unfolds every speck as she journeys through her work. The process of painting is itself a discovery; Trine hopes “to give way for the hidden beauty of the unfinished, raw, and incomprehensible” in her work. Raw beauty – the best two words we can think of to describe Trine’s collection. 

A diverse range of materials makes Trine’s work sparkle with a wonderful tactility. She utilizes materials such as acrylic, charcoal and self-designed fabrics, bringing them together on canvas and paper bases to create interesting juxtapositions. The process of creation becomes a cherished task, as Trine lets “the materials take control and combine […] into new expressions.” Her paintings feel discursive and alive as they display a vibrant communication between textures and fabrics. We love Trine’s work because it feels like a visual expression of art creation. They feel fresh and energetic; a beautiful explosion that is the perfect addition to every home interior. 

Every piece Trine creates is simply stunning. Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle – more often both at the same time – Trine’s work never fails to inspire. You’ll find a peace that cannot segregate itself from chaos, a strength twinned with vulnerability. Dramatic inky tones take the lead in some works, choreographing themselves into strong forms that still maintain their fragility. In other works, the colours are more muted. Think pale pinks and fern-like greens. Peachy colours crop up throughout Trine’s work and we like how it makes an interesting nod to our flesh and human bodies. Looking at these pink tones dancing amid myriads of colour, we can’t help but ponder our own selves, and how we fit into this complex thing we call our world. 

Trine’s work looks magnificent in the modern interior. These are paintings that will add the final finesse to your home, that will take it from classy to 5* hotel-worthy chic. The different brushstrokes and delicate pops of colour bring neutral walls to life, while the mixture of materials add texture to any interior space. Trine’s work will complement wood, stone, brick and rattan to create a sense of high-end continuity throughout your house. Whatever your style – whether it be industrial, earthy or boho – you are sure to find a piece that will take your look to the next level. The solid wood frames just ooze quality, too. 

We also adore Trine’s work for its serenity. The colour palette is soft and organic; the shapes rounded as well as angular. Like the most beautiful jigsaw piece, Trine’s paintings slot in with your décor and insert chilled vibes in the process. The bursts of colour in many of Trine’s paintings make them ideal for creating a statement amid neutral tones – flushes of pink or stripes of brilliant orange that can become focus points in any room. Simply match with cushions, throws or stylish accessories for an instant new look. These are paintings that inspire at the same time as they perfect. 

To find out more about Trine Lund’s work, visit her website or Instagram account. Trine sees Instagram as a way to explore, connect and share her latest pieces. The photography is fabulous – a great place for style inspo! – so be sure to take a look. Furthermore, Trine provides a bespoke service where she helps to breathe fresh new life into individual interiors. It’s the easiest way to an effortless update. 

Search no further for classy, ultra-stylish artwork to complete your home. Bold and elegant in equal measure, Trine Lund’s work will illuminate your home without overpowering the features you already love. Stepping back and seeing Trine’s work on your wall will be like a sigh of relief. This, you will realise, was the piece you needed to bring your style together.  

Ellie Loxton

Ellie Loxton recently graduated in English from the University of Cambridge where she produced a diverse collection of articles for Varsity and The Cambridge Student. Completing work experience placements with book publishers (Sweet Cherry Publishing, Usborne books) and magazine titles (The Oakhamian, Immediate Media Company) has provided her with first-hand experience in features writing. Firmly believing that enthusiasm, energy and engagement are the driving forces behind great writing, Ellie strives to deliver high-quality material relevant to modern women. She can always be found putting pen to paper, whether this be through a writing project, crossword puzzle or her daily journal.