Are Women Becoming the Driving Force in the Auto Market?

Not too long ago, the auto industry was known to be very much male-dominated. The majority of car ads were targeted towards men. Women were also treated much differently by dealerships, with most salesmen expecting women buyers to know very little about buying a car (visit for more options). Fast-forward to now, and there’s been a real shift in the market.

Car manufacturers, as well as dealerships, are now recognising the buying power women have in the industry. This has led to a shift in the way the cars are advertised, with many offering features focused more towards female drivers. Here, we’ll look at how the industry is starting to focus more on women drivers. This link can be checked out for car services .

Female car ownership is at an all-time high

Recent figures have shown that female car ownership has risen by 21% over the past decade. This is double the rate of increase in male drivers over the same time period. There’s certainly no denying more women are on the roads now than ever before and that’s largely down to the rise in the number of women focusing on their careers.

This means that over a third of drivers on the road are now female; a statistic car manufacturers can no longer ignore. 

Luxury car market recognises female buying potential

It’s not just standard cars that women are investing in. Luxury auto manufacturers are starting to see the buying potential of women drivers. In particular, women are often favouring sports type models.

Dealerships are seeing a rise in the number of women opting for luxury brands. In particular, those looking for used cars NI, are opting for more luxurious models at a fraction of their original cost.   

Marketing efforts now aimed towards female audiences

As women drivers are becoming more prevalent, auto manufacturers are starting to change their marketing efforts. Cars are now being advertised with female drivers in mind. While there is still a way to go before women are fully represented in the auto industry, improvements are starting to be made. 

It’s great to see the auto industry is finally starting to catch up in terms of equality. Many manufacturers have been forced to recognise that women often have the deciding vote on which car they end up with. They even have buying power over their male partners, so it’s a smart play by manufacturers to start advertising to a more female demographic. 

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