Meet Fitness Influencer Tessa Seward – London Paleo Girl

The world of fitness and nutrition can look incredibly glamorous from the outside. It seems that everyone’s doing yoga and eating colourful smoothie bowls in Bali whilst we’re sat at home watching Bake Off in bed.

The truth is that a healthy lifestyle takes hard work and a lot of maintenance. We took the chance to talk to Instagram fitspo lady Tessa Seward of London Paleo Girl to find out how she keeps fit and healthy. For Tessa, a varied exercise routine is key;

“I work out on average 5 days a week. This is a mix between walking and cycling to get around. In the gym I focus more on lower body strength training, treadmill HIIT and 40 minute incline walks. Classes are one of my favourite things to do for fun, unwind and with friends, including PHIIT Pilates MOTR, Bootcamp Pilates, Heartcore Spin to Tone and Ko Box”.

Along with her workout buddy Becki, she has learned how to challenge herself;

“I love working out with Becki especially when in the gym, the importance of technique when strength training is so crucial you do this right especially for injury prevention, in addition knowing your limits and pushing yourself.

Becki knows my ability so well and finds creative ways to make a workout session fun, which to me is what it’s all about. We motivate each other to get up an hour earlier and do an incline walk or go to an early morning class too which helps when we need a little push”.

She also likes to allow for variety in her diet, opting for as many vegetables as possible. Her favourites include butternut squash, roasted root vegetable chips, asparagus and courgette. She’s also found healthy alternatives to keep her sweet tooth satisfied;

“I still like to treat myself to a dessert so my go-to will be a hot chocolate, dark chocolate ombar or an almond or Coconut yogurt”.

My in between workout fuel will normally be either a protein shake, like Costco Fairlife Protein Shake, green juice, fruit (acai bowls, berries, pink lady apples) chocolate (refined sugar and dairy free) or nuts”.

Tessa knows that taking care of her bones is important for her health, especially because she enjoys high intensity workouts;

“Joint care is one of those things you think about when you get older, however, it is all about prevention and injuries can occur at any age, I am probably at the age where I am most active.”

For those who struggle to swallow capsules, or those who are unsure of the best combination of essential nutrients for optimum joint health, LQ Joint Care is a delicious cherry-flavoured liquid supplement that can be added to smoothie in the morning, or simply taken on its own.

Tessa explains, “I don’t really like taking tables so I love the liquid form, which also has the benefits of being quickly absorbed, easier to digest and more efficient than some tablet forms. The natural flavourings of the cherry and lychee make it taste nice too! There is also arthritis in my family, so it is important I protect and look after myself now. I want to ensure I have something to help with my muscle and joint recovery post-workout beyond my diet and stretching which isn’t always guaranteed to be consistent”.

How does LQ Joint care work?

“These shots have everything you need for joint, cartilage and bone health, whilst aiding your post-workout recovery. The 9 active quality ingredients complement each other targeting the specific health and wellbeing areas concerning joint care. They contain 2,000mg of Marine Collagen, which is the key structural component of cartilage tissue and is essential for maintaining healthy, supple joints”.

For Tess, going to the gym isn’t just about looking good. She’s found it affects her life in so many other ways;

“In terms of fitness, I workout when I want, I love the post-workout feeling and it is now a very social thing for me, with my relationships with class friends, instructors and gym owners”.

But she’s aware that there isn’t a cookie cutter plan for everyone who wants to explore a healthy exercise routine and diet;

“Be mindful in your choices, use your common sense and do what works for YOU, as we are all so different. We all have different reason and target we wish to achieve, however my own personally outlook on nutrition and fitness is to be healthy, happy and to live at your optimum, a ‘diet’ that is sustainable and enjoyable for life”.

However, she does stress the importance of using whole foods as the basis for a healthy diet;

“I listen to my body. I know the foods that agree with me and ones that don’t, eating whole, real foods make me feel great and energised.”

Tessa tells us: “I focus more on micronutrients than macros. I don’t calorie count I am just mindful, and know what a balanced plate of carbs, good fats and protein should look like.

“I’ve realised the amount of alternatives and naturally healing foods there are! My journey over the last few years, building up my immune system, having energy and feeling well has been down to believing food has the power to heal us. The most dynamic tool we have to prevent and treat many chromic diseases”.

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.