The Home Must Have Interior Design Items

The home must have interior design items

The great thing about moving into a new home is being able to decorate it exactly the way you want, meaning you can finally make your ideas and dreams into reality, and really put your own stamp on it.

Whether you want your home to be quirky, colourful, modern or anything else in-between, you can do it all.

The number of homeware and interior design retailers constantly show a range of new designs and ideas, offering you a huge variety from which to choose from.

Although exciting, it is a big job playing interior designer, and can be slightly overwhelming. Where do you start?

Top Tip – Start with The Room Used Most:

Consider starting with the room that you and your friends or family will spend the most time. For some people this may be the kitchen if it is a large and open plan, or for others it might be the lounge or the living room.

The Kitchen


Decorating your kitchen is a great way to express yourself, and many people like to do this with colour.

White or plain kitchen cupboards and worktops are a great start. Accessorise with tins, knife stands, bread bins etc. in bright colours. Bright accessories work well to add life to an otherwise potentially overly-neutral room.

A great way to add life and colour to the kitchen no matter how big or small or small the space, is neon lights. Neon Creations can be a great quirky accent to add to your kitchen without going overboard and cluttering up valuable space. They won’t break the bank either.

The Living Room


The lounge or living area is another busy space in your home and it needs to be comfortable, relaxing and welcoming. This is the space, after all, where you will chill after a long day.

Most people like the keep the living room in lighter colours: think pastel shades and neutral creams and beiges. Sticking to a lighter colour theme throughout the room is a great way to give a very cozy feel, with different textures of cushions and throws, adding depth.

You may want to add a bit of diversity by adding a few sparkly cushions or ornaments, usually people tend to use saver tones but if gold fits your colour scheme it can be a great accent. And dress a plain sofa with a patterned throws or cushions.

Add small details such as glass candle holders to add sparkle. A tall floor lamp is great to set a nice light in the evening when you don’t want the room to be so bright.

White coloured ‘fairy’ lights are a great accessory to add to your mantelpiece, and not just at Christmas either.

The Bedroom


Your bedroom is also a very important room to get right. Making sure you have a relaxing and comfortable space to wake up and go to sleep in is vital for your health and well-being.

A restful colour scheme doesn’t have to mean beige, cream or magnolia. Keep colour dramatic and warm, rather than bright and harsh. Just like in the living room, if you choose a neutral colour for the wall, use the bedding, throws and cushions, along with a rug or two, as the vehicles for adding colour, texture and depth to the room.

A feature wall with striking wallpaper can be a great way to dress up your room. On trend right now are black and white bold style prints on one wall with the remaining walls in white.

Decorating your home is an opportunity to show your creative side. Don’t be frightened to have fun and use colour and accessories throughout your home to make interior design statements.

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