Top 9 Foodie Instagrammers You Should Be Following Right Now

Top 9 Foodie Instagrammers you should be following right now

What’s the first thing you do before tucking into a delicious looking meal?  Nowadays the answer for a lot of people would be posting a quick snap on Instagram. Bov’d if it goes cold, we just can’t wait to share the plate of wonderment before us. The phrase, “we eat with our eyes” doesn’t ring truer than on Instagram, which has quickly become the home of the food porn elite. A quick scroll through your feed at lunchtime and your belly will be growling all the way to the nearest deli.

But there is a definite art to getting food photography right and there are just those Instagrammers who are a cut above the rest, creating and sharing picture perfect food shots, making us drool and double tap all at the same time.

Top Foodie Instagrammers Booktable

Bookatable take a look at 9 of their Instagram foody favourites, finding out what makes their photos stand out amongst the other 187,076,016 #food images.

1. @rootandbone

This is a magazine you’ll want on your radar if it isn’t already. Root & Bone is stocked across London and their mouth watering Instagram page features behind the scenes shots of tasty looking ingredients guaranteed to make you really hungry.

2. @crummbs_uk

Most Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out, and deciding where to eat can be a challenge when there’s so much choice. @crummbs_uk showcase the latest foodie news across London making the decision all that easier.

3. @londoneater

Londoneater is no newbie to the food blogging world. Founder Kang has been blogging since 2008 and was an early adopter of Instagram. Kang says, “I like the aggregation aspect of Instagram, especially the location tagging. For what I do, it helps to be able to see different dishes at restaurants.”

4. @herfavfood 

If you’re stuck on which restaurant to pick, @herfavfood is a food and travel blogger that can definitely help. Her Instagram feed is a colourful array of food photography, travel shots and the occasional pug in pajamas. The blog is packed full of restaurant reviews across London.

5. @hungry_anja

@hungry_anja’s Instagram balances healthy eats with London treats. The perfect balance if you ask us. Her Instagram started out as a personal diary, showing her friends back in Croatia the best places in London. It branched out in to food and restaurants only a year ago, sharing the best bites with her growing list of followers.

6. @glasgowfoodgeek

Pammi, founder of Glasgow Food Geek has over 11k followers and it’s easy to see why. A good scroll through and we’re drooling over waffles, pizza and sweet treats, which she says are the kinds of pictures that get her the best engagement. Her video diaries definitely add a personal touch.

7. @gastrogays

Russell Alford and Patrick Hanlon are the boyfriends behind Gastrogays. Bookatable asked them what makes the perfect food post on Instagram, “Something that grabs attention. A rainbow cronut, a flaming cocktail, a video showing how to make croissants look effortlessly easy. You only have milliseconds to hold attention before viewers keep scrolling.” 

8. @Londontastin

Londontastin is on the pulse of the up and coming. Avoiding the hype places and just humbly documenting the delicious. Founder Joyce says, “I look for good food first, good photos come second. Although a lot of venues are focussing more and more on being more photogenic these days.”

9. @mrjackbaker

@mrjackbaker is a major London Foodie, his appetizing life in squares features street food from London and across the world. He says, “The perfect food Instagram post is where the photography is equally as good as the food.”

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