Upgrade Your Culinary Skills With Robert Welch!

Upgrade your culinary skills with Robert Welch!

Robert Welch Signature Compact Knife Block Set

Now, under no circumstances would we consider ourselves to be pro chefs, but here at YCB, we are a team of foodies who love to not only try out new dishes, but to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon whizzing up something new for our gal pals. There’s nothing better than inviting the girls round for a glass of wine (ok bottle) and cooking up a storm for you all to enjoy on a Saturday evening over gossip and memories. Not only is home cooked food so much tastier, healthier and cheaper, we all agree that it’s a fabulous way to unwind and relax – especially if you’ve had a rather hectic week.

Whether it’s meatballs and spaghetti, or a more complex adventure, the most important thing (other than the ingredients, of course) is to have the right equipment. You won’t get very far with a blunt knife, and it really can have an overall impact on not only the practicality of cooking but it can be quite dangerous too! With a blunt knife you’re much more likely to add additional pressure which can often result in a few plasters needed.

So why not upgrade your kitchen with a fabulous set of Robert Welch knives? They are total home goals. Recognised as one of the finest cutlery makers in the world, Robert Welch have built a solid reputation for high quality British designed knives. In fact, the team are still based in the same Cotswolds studio as when the brand first begun back in 1955! We were kindly offered the opportunity to test out this new signature set which comes complete with a gorgeous wooden block, a fantastic addition to any kitchen side. Made from real oak, the compact knife block is a space-saving design that enables you to store your knives in a safe and tidy manner.

Robert Welch Signature Compact Knife Block Set

Robert Welch British designed knife set

The set includes four signature knives consisting of a bread knife, signature cooks knife, kitchen knife and vegetable knife, as well as a pair of scissors. It’s clear to see these knives are high quality, and put our current chopping knives to shame! Designed with the consultation of professional chefs, these knives have won an array of awards. Featuring fully forged German stainless steel blade with a full tang for extra strength as well as an ergonomically shaped design for comfort and balance. Impressive!

So how did they perform? Well, we have to say we’re extremely impressed, just call us Nigella from now on! The handles felt extremely comfortable in our hands and the blades made chopping SO much easier. It really is surprising just how different a quality knife performs. A big thumbs up for us – every kitchen certainly needs a set of Robert Welch knives.

Robert Welch Signature Compact Knife Block Set
To buy your own set, or to view more products visit https://www.robertwelch.com

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