Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

As well as turkey and mistletoe and fairy lights, Christmas is also about lists. A list of food to buy for Christmas dinner, a list of presents you want, a list of who you need to buy presents for, sub-lists within that list of what they’ve told you they want. It’s enough to fry your festive brain before you’ve even made it to the hectic high street. Before you brace yourself, lace up your sturdiest shopping boots and reluctantly head out the door just take a moment to consider this… What if you could tick off everyone on your Christmas present list all in one go, just by visiting one easy to navigate, simple to scan website? Welcome to Glimt.

For Mum

No matter how old her children are mum will always be on mum duty. She’ll always have a full fridge just in case you pop round, she’ll always offer a shoulder to cry on when the guy from the gym breaks your heart (again), and she’ll even pretend she’s more than happy to do your washing when your machine breaks. Having looked after everyone else for the other 364 days of the year, make sure Christmas is the one day she relaxes and is a little selfish for once. Gifting an experience like a cookery course is a great idea because it’ll force her to do something for herself, and curling up in a hooded wrap surrounded by cosy faux fur cushions will ensure the relaxation continues once she gets home.

Gift ideas for mum Oh Snap leather notebook £25, Faux fur cushion £15, Baca Di Dama biscuits £8.50, Hooded Ruana wrap £167.71, Real dandelion ring £22.92, Contrast strap bag £185, Thyme at Manor Food School £165 

For Dad

Dad, the man who likes to think of himself as a refined gent even though to us he’ll always be the cuddly bear in tattered old PJs. Don’t ruin the illusion for him; treat him to gifts good enough for the most distinguished of men this Christmas. A fancy shaving scuttle and soap dish and a subscription to a wine club will do nicely. Family being his pride and joy (second only to his car), he’ll hang a heart warming personalised infographic print of family life on the wall with pride.

Gift ideas for dad Shaving scuttle and soap dish £55, Travel scratch map £12.95, Tax disk cufflinks £44, Family info print £20, Rusty stag hook £20, Garden labels £20.97, Wine without a fuss £83.00

For Grandma and Grandpa 

They might still just give you a token crisp £5 note like they did when you were a kid, but show your grandparents you’re capable of making grown up gift-giving decisions by keeping Grandma warm in snug Ugg mittens and Grandpa smart with a moustache tie clip.

Gift ideas for grandpaUgg mittens £80.50, Oriental bird silk square £25, Salt and pepper pots £24.90, Breton stripe throw £60, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust membership £41, Moustache tie clip £12.50, Mulberry check scarf £195

For your best friend

Buying Christmas presents for your best friend is without doubt the most fun task of the festive season. This is a chance to look back over the year you’ve had together and remind her of all the in-jokes you shared. When her boyfriend broke up with her and she vowed to just be a crazy cat lady forever? A novelty mug. For all the times you laughed at photos from last night’s party? Supersize those cringe-worthy moments with a smartphone projector. For extra best friend points go for something super thoughtful, like buying her the shoes she’s always talking about.

Gift ideas for your best friendSmartphone projector £15.95, Paz ring £15, Comic woman nail care set £10, Crazy cat lady mug £9, Mary Janes £92.50, Pearlised leather strap watch £95, Lattice hanging tea light holder £4.20, Braided bracelet £7, Faux fur ribbon tie scarf £17.50

For your beau

When buying for your boyfriend you can choose one of two options: either buy him a gift you know he’s always wanted, or buy him a gift that’ll benefit the both of you. For the former a practical present like a waffle maker is perfect, for the latter indulge in an overnight stay and candlelit dinner at a romantic lodge at London Zoo. There is of course also secret option number three: buy him a gift as a hint that his current version of the item isn’t very nice. Gloves and scarves work well here.

gift ideas for your boyfriendPuppytooth gloves £99, Fitbit wristband £99.95, Ribbed infinity scarf £39.54, Lodge Whipsnade £149, Cinema sign print £55, Bistro waffle maker £68, Holdall £69

For your colleagues and boss 

You have to see these people every day, so it’s vitally important to keep them sweet with thoughtful gifts. You don’t want to be the topic of conversation at the watercooler because of your less than impressive offerings. The entire office will thank you for buying your boss something that allows everyone to gauge their mood each day (it’s important to know how tentatively to approach them in the morning!), so wrap up a set of quirky mood mugs. For the office Secret Santa stick to gifts you know will resonate with anyone, like a weekend candle and a ‘today is cancelled’ pillow!

Mood mugs £10, Coffee stencil £12.50, Lip balm set £12.50, Better than an email stamp £15, Inspiration and ideas notebook £45, Weekend candle £30, Today cancelled pillow £21, Apple memo pad £5

For the party host

December is officially party season – sequinned dresses and skyscraper heels all round! But party season also often means a last minute frantic rummage through the cupboards for an old bottle of wine and a questionable box of chocolates to take for the host. Make sure you’ll be invited back next year by turning up with a personalised wine bottle stopper and beautiful cognac glasses.

Gift ideas for the party hostPersonalised baked by stencil £16.95, Personalised cake tin £42, Cognac glasses £42, Personalised oak chopping board £75, Personalised wine bottle stopper £28, Candle £55

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