Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Your Life: Get The “Me” Time You Deserve

Being a mom doesn’t mean sacrificing your life: Get the “me” time you deserve

Being a parent is awesome but every mom knows that having kids turns your life upside down from the moment they are born. When you don’t have kids, and you see people around you that have them, you may think that life staying at home with the kids looks like a breeze. Those stay-at-home moms must have so much time to themselves, especially when they’ve got the older ones in school and only have a little one at home.

It’s not particularly surprising that this is not the case. Oh, how different life looks when you’re on the other side of childbirth. Moms of all types know that the last thing you have on your hands when you’re a parent is free time. Even when your little one takes a nap, it doesn’t mean that you have time to yourself. This is your precious time, your time for catching up on everything you have had to let slide while you’re looking after the child.

Of course, you get better at managing your time as the child settles into a routine. But this harmony doesn’t last long – as you’ll either go back to work, or try and work around the baby at home, and then not long after, you’ll probably have the second baby on the way, which will rock the stability that you might feel you’ve only just got back!

But being a mom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your life. We are here to help and make sure you get that well-deserved “me” time.

Take some time out with a cup of coffee to play online games like the ones at Costa Bingo. Costa Bingo games that won’t take it out of you mentally – they are games of chance that are just fun to play, along with the added incentive that you might win some money!

Another way to take a break is to get outside for a few minutes – you don’t necessarily have to leave the house. The child might be asleep in its bed, but a stroll around the garden will allow you the space to breathe and clear your head – especially good if you’ve got a fussy baby.

There are lots of other ways to take a break – take a long bubble bath or go to the spa around the corner for a mani/pedi. Go for a shopping spree in Harrods and around Duke of York Square or go for an Afternoon Tea with your girlfriends. Although these might seem self-indulgent things to do when you could be ‘getting on’ the break will do you a power of good, and mean that you can go back to the rest of your day with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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By: Emma Carey