Trending Wedding Themes And Colours This Season

With the idea of spring tantalizing us, it means that 2013’s wedding season is a mere few months away. While some of 2012’s budding trends will gain momentum in the upcoming year, others will fade away to be replaced by exciting, creative ideas.


Perhaps inspired by the upcoming movie “The Great Gatsby” and HBO’s hit “Boardwalk Empire,” wedding themes inspired by the 1920’s are making a roaring comeback. This means a return to the classic extravagance of Art-Deco design, chandeliers, garland and candles galore. For brides, there will be an increase in flapper-styled dresses with a looser fit and illusion necklines, as well bold headdresses and headbands of feathers, fringe, pearls and sparkle. Don’t be surprised if you even see the occasional tiara!

Many 2013 couples will also find much appeal in the rustic. Materials like birch, burlap and wood will be used increasingly in the design scheme and the fad of floral crowns and bird-designs will certainly endure.  Pastoral, boho themes lend itself well to the prevailing trend of featuring goods that are eco-friendly, personally crafted or locally-made. However, as rustic weddings are now, there is talk of it declining in 2014.


While blue will continue to experience the popularity seen in previous years, green is 2013’s true rising star with the elegant emeralds and fashionable mints and reining supreme. A blend of yellow’s sunniness and blue’s serenity makes this hue especially versatile. Neutral colour schemes consisting of creams, beiges, soft grays and blushes will also be seen more frequently in 2013. To add a touch of drama to the aesthetic, many brides are now using black accents in the décor and even on the bridal dress itself.

Wedding Dress:

This year, there will be plenty of delicately sheer materials, lace overlays and layered ruffles coming down the aisle, as well beaded materials and sequins. Perhaps inspired by Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress, sleeves are becoming increasingly popular, though many brides are also opting for the modern one-shouldered look or having necklines that fall well below the shoulders on their upper arms. While ten years ago a non-white wedding dress was almost unheard of, more and more women are opting for gowns that are flirty pink, devilishly rich tones of wine or bedazzling in glamorous gold. This shift towards colour is also translating to wedding rings in which coloured stones are experiencing a “come back.”


Plus, perhaps because of the retro theme previously mentioned, many floral arrangements will be embellished with materials like feathers, ribbons, jewelry and even fur. Blending well with the rustic theme, vintage bouquets featuring softly-coloured flowers will continue to benefit from its growth in 2012 as brides want to balance grace with naturalness. Another continuing concept is to have unique, non-floral arrangements that feature anything from brooches to kale.  While many brides will seek to add variety with creative materials, an increasing amount of women are choosing to feature less diversity among the flowers themselves in favor of simplicity.


Wedding cakes are becoming bolder as they increasingly feature bright prints and vivid colours (more and more cakes are now being hand painted). For many couples, wedding cakes are also shrinking or disappearing entirely. Some receptions include smaller cakes that are accompanied with fellow desserts, and many cakes skip the tradition entirely in favor of such concepts like candy spreads, ice cream bars, breakfast foods and other fun alternatives. While sophisticated sit-down dinners remain as current as ever, cocktail affairs are being seen more frequently as they allow guests to nibble throughout the entire night instead of interrupting the celebration to eat.  Additionally, more and more couples are concerned with the healthiness and freshness of the food and are favoring local ingredients.

Tell us in the comment section below which wedding trends you’re excited to see in 2013?