No More Excuses! Charlene Hutsebaut Proves That There’s Always Time For A Quick Workout

When did your scales last make you feel happy about yourself? Being slim and fit is tantamount to being attractive for most of us and we go to great lengths to become slim and stay slim.

The trouble is we also have lives to live, families to look after and career ladders to climb. Where, between laptop, airport, client meeting and nursery do we fit in time for training?

Charlene Hutsebaut, fitness expert and London personal trainer shares her secrets with us. “Everyone can keep fit and healthy, no matter how busy they are,” she says and after the 1 1/2 hour workshop titled ‘The Essence of Posture’ at the B.Hive, Covent Garden, I’m convinced she is right.

The first thing you notice about Charlene is not her long blonde hair, her intriguingly, blue eyes, or even her remarkable height. No, what really strikes you is her posture! No wonder, as Charlene is a sought after personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur, whose customers range from large companies, such as Siemens – the corporate workshops with large companies are particularly popular –  to businesswomen and -men across London.

What makes her concept special is the focus on a well-balanced mix of short exercises, healthy food and lifestyle that can be accommodated between laptop and airport. “You do not necessarily have to sign up to the gym,” says the body expert, who has 20 years and over 15,000 client-hours worth of experience under her belt. “What is important is that you find the right exercises for you. Only if you enjoy exercising can you keep doing it for the rest of your life and stay fit and healthy.”

For most of us, who spend large chunks of the day sitting down, balancing exercises are essential in order to prevent back pain, stiff necks, and repetitive strain injury. Acquiring and maintaining a natural posture leads to better circulation, easier breathing, better voice quality, healthier back and less work/computer related injuries.

Even better: with good posture you have a flatter tummy, your body looks longer and you exude confidence, both at work and in your private life. “Many of my clients are more comfortable with themselves after working with me,” says Charlene. “They look good, feel proud and convey authority!

Now, what does this magical training contain? Charlene’s method employs an eclectic combination of pilates, weight training, balance and postural alignment as well as, elements of other concepts. “Over the years I have found the perfect combination for myself. However, everyone is different and I work with every client on their very individual training package. My goal is for my clients to love their exercise!

My workshop today starts off with a surprise: the handbag test.” Indeed, after Charlene has done her lap, it becomes quite clear how important a light bag with long sturdy handles is. Alternatively, a backpack or even a small roller bag can help to take weight of your back and shoulders. Further into the workshop we learn a series of surprisingly simple yet effective methods to improve and control our posture in everyday life situations. And as I look around, I see women who enjoy themselves.

Always be mindful of your body and make it a habit to exercise regularly.” Clients who are unable to schedule meetings with Charlene can avail themselves of her unique Skype sessions or join her online membership on

Are you curious? Do you want to know more about the ‘string exercise’, ‘the sprinkler’ or the ‘office cat stretch’? Then I can only recommend you get in touch with Charlene Hutsebaut on

Julie Ann Chan

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