Expert Reveals Which Sport Will Be Next to Make its Resurgence in Fashion

Outdoor adventure sports and skateboarding are set to dominate in the world of men’s fashion

Sportswear has translated from courts to runways and in recent years the everyday wardrobe of most men, from polo shirts to caps, sports play a big part in the way men dress – whether it be a conscious choice or not.

This year we have seen sports take the fashion world by storm, from Tenniscore to Rugby shirts, sports are taking over.

As we head into this year’s summer of sport, the influence on fashion will be more evident than ever, as people prepare their attire based on each event.

With help from menswear tailor and stylist Alexandra Wood, we teamed up with Joules to put together the ultimate sports-inspired dressing guide to inform men’s wardrobe choices this summer.


Whether you’re watching The Open or heading to the golf course yourself, why not inject a bit of colour into your outfit this summer with a fun coloured polo, paired with some chino shorts for a look that wouldn’t look out of place whilst playing or spectating.

Alexandra explains, “Polo shirts, originally designed for tennis, were in fact popularised by golf. Their collared, button-down design combines casual and semi-formal aesthetics, making them a versatile wardrobe staple.

“The need for comfortable yet stylish clothing on the golf course translated seamlessly into everyday casual and business casual attire. It’s a great place for men to express their flare too by wearing more colour.”

Alternatively, polo shirts are ideal for making smarter looks feel more laid back. If you’re struggling to put together a less formal outfit for a wedding this summer, a polo shirt will be your best friend. Paired with some trousers and a suit jacket this look will nail any smart casual dress code.


Alexandra says, “Rugby shirts, characterised by their durable fabric, bold stripes, and broad collars, have made a significant impact on casual wear. Their robust design and vibrant patterns appeal to a rugged, sporty look, suitable for both casual and semi-casual settings.”

Rugby shirts are ideal for those summer days when it’s too hot for a jacket but too chilly for short sleeves. They are a great way of adding a preppy feel to your wardrobe, paired with trousers or jeans it is the perfect off-duty look for chilling with friends or watching the game.


According to Alexandra, “Cricket’s classic, white sweater vests with cable knit patterns are synonymous with preppy, sophisticated fashion. The clean, elegant lines of cricket vests lend themselves to layering, providing a polished yet relaxed look.”

Old money and quiet luxury are still having a moment – these trends are all about clean lines and using preppy classic pieces to achieve the appearance of timeless elegance. Sweater vests fit this brief perfectly, layered over a shirt for a more refined look or by itself for an edgier summer vibe, they are the perfect piece for making you look put together. 


Alexandra says, “Football shirts, with their distinct team logos, colours, and numbers, have become a symbol of fandom and streetwear culture. Their association with team spirit and identity makes them popular for casual, everyday wear, especially among younger demographics.”

There’s no doubt that the standout item to come from this sport is the football shirt. Arguably one of the first sports to break into the streetwear movement, football shirts have become a universal item across nationalities and now even across genders. For those watching the football this summer, pair your team’s colours with a colour-coordinated cap and you’re good to go. 

Retro-style football shirts add a touch of vintage style to an outfit. They often have fewer sponsors emblazoned on the front so feels a little more premium, too.


According to Alexandra, “High-performance cycling sunglasses with sleek designs and advanced lenses have now crossed over into mainstream fashion. The combination of functionality and sporty style has made them a popular accessory beyond the cycling community.”

Sunglasses have long been a staple accessory for both men and women, they are the perfect accessory for setting the tone of an outfit and tying the look together. The newer trend of having sporty style reflective lenses is another great way of adding colour to an outfit and the style works great with casual streetwear looks.


Trainers have become a staple in a man’s wardrobe and having a pair for every occasion is now a must. Whether it’s a fresh white pair for best or a sports-specific pair for the gym trainers are both comfortable and enable you to project your personality. 

Alexandra explains, “Basketball has heavily influenced the popularity of trainers, with iconic designs from certain brands becoming global fashion staples. The comfort, style, and endorsement by basketball stars make trainers a must-have item, blurring the lines between sports and street fashion.”


As explained by Alexandra, “Tennis visors and caps, although used practically for sun protection, have become a casual fashion accessory. Their simple, classic design complements various casual outfits while providing a sporty touch.”

Accessories are the perfect way to add fresh pops of colour into your wardrobe, to update your looks for the new season. A cap can help make any look more casual, matching the colour to your polo or to your shorts is also a great way to effortlessly look put together.


Racing sports like Formula 1 have become fashion events in their own right, with attendees and race drivers all using the race track as a runway, but before they turned their heads to high fashion, their racing attire was a fashion statement in itself. 

Alexandra explains, “Racing jackets, with their distinctive patches and sleek cuts, reflect a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled lifestyle. The stylish, often luxurious designs associated with motorsports add a touch of edginess and sophistication to casual wear.”

The Most Influential Sport in Men’s Fashion

Although it will differ from person to person Alexandra believes that the sport that has had the most influence on men’s wardrobes is basketball, she explains:

“Basketball is arguably the most influential sport in men’s fashion. The global reach of basketball stars, particularly through the NBA, and the sport’s deep ties with street culture have made basketball sneakers and apparel ubiquitous in men’s fashion. Icons of the sport have not only set trends on the court but have also significantly impacted the sneaker and streetwear markets.”

Predictions for the future 

Sports continue to dominate the headlines whether it be through competitions or movies, so there’s no doubt that another sports-inspired fashion trend is just around the corner.

In terms of what’s next, Alexandra believes the influence of outdoor adventure sports will continue to increase:

“The increasing popularity of outdoor and adventure sports promotes practical, durable apparel that can also be stylish. Think functional, rugged clothing like cargo pants, utility vests, and technical jackets.

She also believes skateboarding will make its resurgence in fashion next:

“With skateboarding’s growing popularity and its inclusion in major sporting events, expect to see more oversized, relaxed fits, graphic tees, and skate shoes in everyday fashion.

The sport’s counter-culture roots and association with youth and rebellion appeal to contemporary fashion sensibilities.

“Ultimately sports will continue to shape men’s fashion by blending performance, comfort, and style, reflecting the evolving ways people engage with sports and fitness in their daily lives.”

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