Devna Home: Delightful Loungewear Sets You Need to Nail Cottagecore This Winter

What do Peloton workouts, the QR code and luxe loungewear have in common? Answer: they are all lockdown heroes that received an unexpected publicity and became cultural mainstays. 

Whilst some trends came and went (Joe Wicks workouts and freezing cold park dates are thankfully a thing of the past), others enhanced our lives and forcibly demonstrated there’s a better way to do things.  

One such trend, that has only gained momentum since we said goodbye to restrictions, is the movement known as ‘Cottagecore’.  Described by Architectural Digest as ‘an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside’, it’s no surprise the pandemic breathed life into a zeitgeist that celebrates nostalgic countryside scenes and quaint past-times, given many of us were trapped in suburban surroundings with limited green space and time to kill. 

Embracing ‘cottagecore’ need not require a relocation to rural England, with many brands offering the simple, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing homewares and clothing to bring a homespun feel to the most metropolitan postcodes. Think Laura Ashley inspired peasant dresses, gingham accents, ruffle-trim cushions crafted in natural, considered fabrics such as linens and cotton.

Devna Home is one such brand tapping into this zeitgeist, thanks to founder Devna Vickerman’s passion for linen and plant-based fabrics. Aware that linen has its disadvantages, being stiff, sometimes rough and easily creased (we’ve all got that classic linen shirt, which having been steamed for hours, bears a thousand creases upon bodily contact), Devna set about finding a fabric with the look and feel of cotton, whilst being easier to wear. This is how she happened upon cotton-linen, a blend of the two plant-based fabrics that become more durable once combined. Less creases, more comfort, and the same chic look and feel of linen: genius!

The label’s designs celebrate femininity and are a true joy to wear and style in your home: think sweeping ruffled maxi dresses (the cotton linen maxi was pleasingly long enough for my 5’10 frame), cuffed-sleeve lace-trimmed wrap dressing gowns that wouldn’t look out of place on Bridgette Bardot and the prettiest cushions and the sweetest ruffled napkin sets, table runners and placemats, which make tablescaping a joy. This is how to translate the cottagecore aesthetic into suburban surroundings; a touch of gingham here, a ruffled tea towel there and feminine frill or two will bring some of homely cottagecore charm to the most non-descript rental properties. Add a bunch of blooms (dried or fresh), some vintage ceramics and a few floral prints and here you have the blueprint for the aesthetic. 

Within Devna’s collections, nightwear is considered too: the maxi dress has a mini design, making for the perfect nightie, and there’s shorts and cami sets in a plethora of candy colours. Light and breathable, thanks to the natural fabric blend, these sets offer the ultimate comfort in bed. They’re also the kind of pieces I’d pack for a beach holiday thanks to their versatility: easy linen shirts and dresses that can work just as easily as beach cover up, as sleepwear, or for dinner, dressed up with accessories. 

Much more than a passing trend, sustainability unpins the cottagecore aesthetic, as an appreciation for the countryside comes hand in hand with living in harmony with the natural world. Devna has carefully considered this in the making of her brand: the label’s zero waste commitment means every last scrap of fabric is put to use and crafted into beautiful garments or home accessories. Offcuts become napkins and tea towels, whilst the sustainable business model sees Devna’s team buying fabric and trimmings in small quantities and making them in order to limit wastage. 

Sustainable, homespun, and beautiful, the cottagecore aesthetic has only gained momentum since the pandemic for good reason: conscious consumption meets a pretty aesthetic that captures the zeitgeist of now. Reclining on ruffled cushions never felt so good!

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Sophie Green

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