The Best Accessories to Complete Your Outfit

What do you think about when putting your outfit together? You have your bottoms, top, and even outerwear. Maybe you even layered or considered hairstyles. Do you have a little something extra to pull it all together, complete it, or take it to the next level? If not, then you need to find the best accessories to complete your outfit.

The thought of including accessories in your outfit may be completely out of your head, but the magic is in the details. Accessories can sometimes be a hit or miss, but fortunately, there are various kinds and many ways you can utilize accessories to perfect your outfit. Here are some of the best accessories to complete your outfit.

A Statement Piece

A statement piece is that one item either that you are known for always wearing or functions as the center of your outfit. Think about your favourite shows or celebrities. Some examples might be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl who was known for her headbands.

Statement pieces are often easily identifiable like scarves and chunky jewelry but can also be discrete and subtle like a cufflink or hairpin. They can be whatever you like. Since statement pieces would be typically worn more than once, these are good items to invest in for your wardrobe. Keep in mind to take care in choosing as you’ll be frequently seen with it.

Unique Items

Try adding unique or one-of-a-kind pieces to your outfit. Including unique items allows you to get a bit more creative with your outfit. Your one-of-a-kind item probably is something that won’t be found in popular stores and more than likely will be custom-made, making it even more valuable. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a bespoke fashion piece.


Jewelry is a common denominator when it comes to accessorizing, but that doesn’t mean that your jewelry has to be common. One of the wonderful things about jewelry is the range available from traditional to modern and modest to grand. You have your pick of sets, gems, and finishes.

Jewelry is versatile and with so many makers, brands and shops, anyone can find their next favorite jewelry accessory. A popular piece of choice is a watch. Watches are a staple of fashion culture. Like a bag, a watch bears its wearer’s taste. Consider design and function when selecting your next timepiece.


Hats are a fashion-time classic. You can find a hat type to go with every and any style. They are not only stylish but pragmatic. Look good while guarding your eyes from the sun, protecting your head from the snow, or simply just giving your outfit that extra pizzazz it needs.

Oversized hats are trending, particularly in tropical or warm climate areas. This is fortunate for those who need larger-sized hats. You will be able to find the size you need more easily.


Bags are items that are accustomed to being placed as prime accessories as they are highly indicative of taste. The style of one’s outfit can give away the kind of person they are, but so can the bag. In fact, the bag you choose to go with an outfit tends to give away the kind of person you are.

As bags are outside of the outfit, they also are generally noticed first upon appearance. Tote, purse, cross-body, briefcase. Whatever you carry, an onlooker might just have your whole life story based on your bag.

So what will your story be? One of an individual who is the CEO at life and business or one of a carefree beach lover whose head is in the clouds most days?


In this area, think of pieces of fabric or cloth. This would include items such as neckerchiefs, scarves, ascots, handkerchiefs, and the like. Adding these pieces as accessories to your outfit has a way of changing your outfit subtly or lavishly. 

The great news is that fabrics pieces can be used no matter what season. There are wool scarves for winter and silk scarves for spring. Cloth pieces can be tied around bags. The list can and does go on.

Utilizing fabrics as accessories in your outfit gives you the opportunity to be more inventive with your style. Easily make a statement, or switch instantly between grave and whimsical with a little piece of fabric.


Most would not think of shoes or the assortment of footwear available now as accessories, but in fact, they can be. Of course, shoes are a part of an outfit formulation and even its basic makeup, but the right footwear can completely change an outfit; thus making it an excellent accessory.

Shoes have to power to elevate or bring down your outfit. Consider how you wouldn’t wear flip-flops with a suit or high heels in a tennis outfit. It just would not work. As such, you must invest in a variety of affordable shoes in different styles, and when choosing which to wear each day, think about how the shoes complement the outfit and draw the eye of the viewer.

Belts, Ropes, and Strings

These are great accessories to not forget. They add dimension to your outfit and you can actually build on them to make entirely new outfits. For instance, the right belt can take your outfit from drab to chic just like that; but, do be careful because the same can happen in reverse with misplacement.

The line is a key element in composition and your outfit is a composition in and of itself. Belts, ropes, and strings create lines on your outfit that are integral in directing the eye and construing space. A cool thing is that belts, ropes, and strings can be used on your clothing items or other accessories.

Accessories Can Expand Your Wardrobe

Accessories are great outfit additions that can expand your wardrobe. You’ll find magic in the details for putting together a well-thought-out and stylish ensemble. Create numerous looks from one basic outfit with the help of a few accessories. Don’t underestimate the power of a good accessory. They can become the ultimate solution to your outfit needs and dilemmas.