Designers Who Have Brought Women’s Watches Back in to the Limelight

For a number of years, it seemed as though many women in the UK grew tired of wearing a watch as a fashionable accessory. What was once a practical and stylish addition to an outfit, was eventually replaced by bracelets in all kinds of shapes, materials and sizes – some women even preferred the more natural look of wearing nothing on the arm at all.

In recent times, however, women’s watches appear to be making a comeback, with a variety of brands and influencers working together to bring the wristwatch back into the limelight.

If you’re thinking it’s about time for a little something new to add to your range of accessories, a watch is the sure-fire way to go. In this post, the protective watch case providers over at the Case Farm have offered up their top picks of the brands who are making the biggest impact in women’s fashion with their range of watches.

Abbott Lyon

Promising to provide a luxury look for a much more affordable price, Abbott Lyon’s range of quality women’s accessories has proved to be hugely popular across the globe. In fact, its range of watches, jeweler, hats and sunglasses were such a hit worldwide, that the UK brand has now launched its own clothing line, too.

That being said, as the brand continues to grow, the one product that remains a firm favorite amongst its new and loyal customers, is their range of stunning women’s watches similar to this Fossil watch women silver. From the classic silver strap with a white face, to the more unique mocha on mocha bestseller, Abbott Lyon’s vast range of worthy watches is making it onto the wrists of hundreds of thousands of women, worldwide.

These stunning watches are favoured by a mix of female celebrities who are well-known for their impeccable style. From Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson, Love Island’s Montana Brown, to Australian model Belle Lucia, it’s no wonder why these quality watches are constantly growing in popularity.

Daniel Wellington

Another brilliant brand that’s been saturating Instagram posts and feeds lately is Daniel Wellington, who are known for their classic style watches with interchangeable straps. Daniel Wellington sells watches for both men and women, but this brand’s popularity can certainly be seen with the number of women showing off their accessorised wrists over social media.

These beautifully designed watches are said to be perfect for any occasion, whether that’s for the office, for a black tie event, or even for a spot of tennis, if that takes your fancy! Their adaptability is just one of the many reasons why they’re so popular and have helped to bring women’s watches back into the limelight.

Daniel Wellington watches are extremely popular with a number of influential celebrities, which has helped the brand to reach women all over the world and ultimately grow their fan base. In 2017, Kendall Jenner became the face of Daniel Wellington, having been a fan of the brand herself for quite some time. Her 95m Instagram followers are just some of the individuals who have been intrigued by Daniel Wellington and its stylish watches.

Olivia Burton

Founded by two London fashion buyers with a love of vintage, their passion for style and elegance clearly shines through in the watches they design for their homegrown brand, Olivia Burton. This brand is a true favourite for women’s watches and has played a key role in bringing them back as a popular accessory.

Olivia Burton’s range of women’s watches vary from simple and timeless pieces, to detailed floral and 3D effect faces. Gold and silver play with pretty pastels to create incredibly stunning watches that you’ll struggle to pick a favourite from. What’s more, they’re very affordable too, with prices starting from as little as £70.

Since launching back in 2012, Olivia Burton has proved incredibly popular with celebrities and influencers, including American actress, Emmy Rossum.

What’s more, the brand was said to be outselling designer brand, Michael Kors, for their watches back in early 2017. It’s news like this which only cements their standing further and determines Olivia Burton as an influential brand when it comes to bringing back women’s watches.

There’s no doubt that women’s watches are set to become as popular as they were a few years back, and it’s designers and brands like these that are helping to make that happen. With impeccable style, affordable quality and growing fan bases, we’re expecting to see many more watches from these brands continuing to make it onto women’s wrists across the globe.

Rachel Campbell

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