Blake Lively’s Woodland Wonderland Baby Shower

Blake Lively’s woodland wonderland baby shower

Blake Lively's super cute baby shower

It’s always exciting when a well-loved celebrity reveals that they’re pregnant. A combination of awe at the beautiful miracle of life and the excitement of a whole nine months worth of exquisite maternity clothes fills our hearts with the kind of warmth that only the impending arrival of a little person with tiny fingers and tiny toes can. On announcing her pregnancy last week, superwoman of the moment Blake Lively gave every sentient being across the globe a warm, fuzzy feeling like no other. As if that wasn’t enough, she then let us in to her super cute baby shower, and we worried our hearts might quite literally burst with joy.

Having gathered friends, family, children and fellow expectant mothers together in an orchard, Blake Lively shared her baby shower extravaganza on her lifestyle blog and online shop Preserve. This was a celebration like no other as rural rustic life met sumptuous decadence: a sparkling bohemia. With vine leaves winding their way over tables, wheat sheaves growing out of copper jugs, and crystals protecting softly burning flames, one would be forgiven for believing that all the decorations grew spontaneously from the earth. We wouldn’t put it past Blake to be able to conjure up such a marvel.

Blake Lively's outdoorsy baby shower

Blake Lively Baby Shower

We thought we were embracing fall by ordering pumpkin spiced lattes during our mid-morning coffee breaks, but Blake Lively has gone even further by nestling shiny pumpkins amongst flowers, supplying glittered spiced apples, and continuing the edible earthy theme with spectacular carrot cake. At this event both women and nature were in full bloom, thus making Blake not only the world’s most beautiful pregnant woman, but also an official autumn ambassador.

Blake Lively pregnant baby shower

This baby shower was essentially a real life photo shoot, as the Preserve blog invites us to ‘shop the story’. Where normally models, hands dripping in jewels, would statically pretend to eat cake before having it cruelly whipped away from them because it’s actually just a prop, Blake & co. get to have their cake and eat it too. They get to bask in the warmth of the candles and fill the air with laughter because although the location was styled to within an inch of its life, it was still real life.

Cynics would suggest she’s capitalising on her pregnancy to rake in the cash, and indeed we might be inclined to tar other celebrities with that brush, but Blake is different. She has a wholesome honesty that means we’re more than happy for her baby shower guests to coincidentally all choose to wear camel and soft navy colours in order for the Preserve stock to appear enticing enough to buy.

At the heart of all this – both Blake Lively’s personal life and business – is family. Having once admitted she’d love to have 30 children, Blake is evidently maternal, and is intent on advocating, creating and delivering a family-oriented lifestyle through Preserve’s new ‘celebration’ products.

We always associate spring with new life and re-birth, but with her recent baby shower Blake has made autumn the time to celebrate family and new beginnings. She has quite literally changed the way the entire world views the age-old cycle of the seasons: such is the power of Blake Lively.

Photo courtesy of: Graza Daily via Eric Lively for Preserve 

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