Expert Reveals 5 Tips We Can All Learn From Barbie’s Content Marketing

With the Barbie movie set to release July 21, 2023, Google searches for the term “Barbie” have hit over 10M searches this month, and “Burger King Barbie” have increased 2457% this past week

Barbie has taken over social media platforms, from people recreating iconic scenes from the trailer to fast food chains dedicating meals in bright pink colors to the movie, leading to a worldwide Barbie uprising!

  • Over 10 Million searches for “Barbie” this month
  • Collaborations are vital for brand visibility
  • Emotional connection is key in nostalgia marketing

Content marketing is an integral component of every successful brand so how can businesses integrate content marketing strategies like Barbie?

Jade Pruett, founder of HelloSEO is here to share what we can all learn from Barbie’s content marketing.

Brand Visibility

Barbie maintains a constant presence across multiple channels – from commercials, films, books, and digital games to social media. This pervasive marketing approach connects consumers worldwide, transforming Barbie from a mere toy to an enduring symbol of creativity and potential.

“Barbie is literally everywhere right now. She’s featured in commercials from insurance to fast food, and she is doing a collab with every other brand you see. Just try going into Ulta or Target without seeing the Barbie logo around every corner. Having your brand pop up everywhere your ideal clients are is a great way to build trust and stay top of mind.” suggests Jade.

Nostalgia Marketing

The brand uses nostalgia to evoke a sense of familiarity and trust with its audience. By reminiscing about past experiences with Barbie, the brand effectively connects with its mature audience and attracts new consumers who crave shared experiences.

“Almost everyone has a memory of Barbie from their childhoods – whether she was their favorite toy or simply a passenger in their remote control airplane. Brands can explore how their own history or products have created memories customers can tap into, enhancing emotional connection and brand loyalty. This can help make that emotional connection with their audience and result in tons of user-generated content,” comments Jade, founder of HelloSEO.


Barbie prioritizes creating content that promotes interaction. The brand has successfully leveraged digital platforms like YouTube and Instagram to launch web series, interactive posts, and challenges that encourage responses and interactions from viewers. User-generated content is also encouraged to build a community around the brand and foster loyalty.

Diversity and Adaptability

Barbie has evolved to represent various ethnicities, backgrounds, body shapes, professions, and abilities. The content accompanying these dolls has followed suit, addressing societal issues and reflecting the diverse lives of consumers. This evolution, in sync with societal changes, has been crucial in maintaining Barbie’s relevance.

“Brands should assess how they can better reflect their audience’s unique differences and adapt their messaging to address societal shifts. This will help them boost their inclusivity and connection with their customers,” says Jade.

Emotional Connection

At its core, Barbie’s content marketing strategy is about creating an emotional connection with its audience. Selling experiences, memories, and emotions rather than just toys allows Barbie to form a strong bond with its consumers that goes beyond the traditional customer-brand relationship.

These strategies have contributed significantly to Barbie’s lasting and ongoing success and can serve as valuable lessons for those seeking to improve their content marketing initiatives.

Indiana Lee

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