Shun Social Media and Spend Your Breaktime Training Your Brain Instead

Spending an entire day glued to your office chair can be tough. That’s why break time is utterly important; to sweat out the work stress, unwind and to clear your mind. Ideally, you want your break to help you get your energy back and get your creative juices flowing!

However, when you get that much needed break at work your natural reaction may be to reach for your phone to check social media… But this is not an efficient nor useful way to spend your break, and can often leave you feeling flat and unfulfilled when you plod back to your desk. After all, who really needs to see someone boasting that they’re on holiday in Malta, sipping cocktails in the sun, while you’re stuck in the office; is it worth seeing the skinny arm pose flaunted ad nauseam…?

So why not fire up your synapses instead, and give your brain a real workout while you take a breath of fresh air or head to the bathroom?

Trust us, these games are sure to have you firing on all cylinders.

For those looking to add an extra edge to their brain training, it could be fun to even try sports betting. Those who are serious about their bets use research and tactical hedging to gain an edge, making this a which is fast becoming a brain training exercise all of itself. If you’re looking for a betting site, this Vertical 23 will help you enjoy and train your brain to choose the best bet, like an expert MLB predictions. For those who do want to dip their feet into this fascinating world, there are a range of FreeBets available. Now, onto the brain training apps.

Cogmed – For Those with Sieves for Memories

This app is perfect for people who can’t remember what they did five minutes ago, let alone yesterday. Cogmed’s brain training exercises are all tailored to improve memory and are developed alongside neuroscientists and psychologists.

Luminosity – The World’s Most Famous Brain Trainer

With over 100 million users worldwide, Luminosity has been helping people sharpen their minds for years. The beauty of this app is that the training you receive is personalised, helping you to boost everything from your alertness to problem solving. Most importantly, all the games are fun, so you don’t feel like you’re trudging through a work-based training course as you sip your treasured mid-morning coffee.

Peak – Hit Your Peak and Just Keep Going

Using a myriad selection of puzzles and games, Peak allows you to build a map of your brain, so you can see which regions need a little spruce or an entire overhaul. The app also provides you with your very own coach, who will keep you pumped to continue boosting your cognitive powers.

BrainHQ – 5-Minute-Long Nuggets of Brain Busting

Brain HQ is ideal for those of you with eagle-eyed bosses, who time your breaks to the millisecond, as each exercise on this app can be done in under five minutes. However, all those mini five-minute sessions add up quickly, and you will be amazed at how rapidly you start to perform on a higher plain in all walks of life.

Remember, your brain is just like any other part of your body; forget to train it and it will wither and sag. Nobody wants that, so get your brain pumping that metaphorical iron now!

Emily Lamp

Emily is is a freelance writer with an MBA degree and years of experience with various companies. She loves encouraging small business owners and digital marketing. She currently writes for Your Coffee Break Magazine and Antares Offices, a boutique serviced offices company in central Bangkok.