Healthcare Jobs You May Not Have Considered

It’s so much more than just doctors and nurses. There are so many other jobs available in healthcare these days and employment in these occupations is set to rise by 18% up to 2026. 


First, we have an aging population, baby boomers who are way beyond babies now and need more care. Second, with improved healthcare that is available in any urgent care clinic Forest Hills, people are living longer, but they need more therapy and homecare. Third, it’s a face-to-face job and can’t be outsourced abroad. And, fourth, increased demand for home and outpatient care as the number of ‘clients’ exceeds the hospital bed count. Under these circumstances, it’s easy to see why more people are considering a job in healthcare

Aside from nursing or surgery, there are many vacancies for willing and compassionate people. Let’s take a look at some jobs you may not have considered in this area.

Athletic trainer jobs. Specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing injuries and illnesses of muscles and bones.

Audio visual jobs. Hospitals host many meetings and conferences. These technicians are vital to make them run successfully.

Cardiac physiologist jobs. Operate high-tech equipment to assess patients with heart problems. Carry out diagnostic investigations.

Dental assistant jobs. From patient care to taking X rays or notes. Depending on the practice, you’ll find a wide variety of tasks here.

Driver jobs. Patients and equipment need to be transported from home to clinics and between departments. Drivers are essential at healthcare providers.

Diagnostic technician jobs. Utilise imaging equipment to produce images or for testing. They are support staff for the diagnosing doctor.

Health and safety officer jobs. Responsible for ensuring all standards are being met from patient safety to food hygiene.

Home health aide jobs. Huge potential in this field for people who can take care of someone in their own home.

Massage therapist jobs. Manipulates soft tissues and muscles to relieve pain, help heal injuries and relieve stress.

Medical assistant jobs. A broad range of duties including administrative and clinical work, each day is different, depending on the medical concerned.

Medical transcriptionist jobs. From voice recordings to written reports, this person transcribe medical workers records and prepare various patient documents.

Porter jobs. Safely move patients, equipment, samples, post and parcels from one part of the hospital to another. Hospitals cannot operate without them.

Pharmacy technician jobs. Support pharmacists in dispensing medication to patients or medical staff.

Recreational therapist jobs. Using arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, sports and aquatics to rehabilitate and improve patients’ well-being.

Security staff jobs. Protect buildings, equipment, staff and patients. Human safety is paramount and these people keep the premises secure.

There are even more associated and supporting roles when it comes to healthcare. And, there’s never been a better time to explore your options in this field. Some opportunities require a degree, others do not, but there are now many training venues to acquire any missing skills or techniques.

Check out your local NHS or healthcare providers and see what’s available.

Sophia Anderson

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