Why Summer is the Best Time to Start a Side Hustle

Have you noticed that there are children everywhere? I recently noticed this while shopping for groceries, while picking up my books from the library, but mostly in the simple drive to and from my home. Kids are outside riding their bikes, jumping on trampolines, and simply enjoying time outside. As a Mom to older children who are no longer school-aged, I realize that it is summer break! 

Summer break is the time of opportunity, not just for the younger ones to enjoy their time and teenagers to gain their first job experiences, but for parents as well. You see, summertime is one of the best times to look for and start on some of the best side hustles available (even as a parent).

A 2018 survey found that 43% of respondents quoted the Summer as the season with the highest level of spending. It makes sense with summer vacations, kids off from school, and more activities happening outside the home. The same survey found that 28% of parent respondents took on a side-hustle to cover the extra costs of summer spending, while 36% are considering it.

While many think of a side hustle as an inconvenience, boring, low paying, and something that will take time “away” from the family, in actuality, there is an increase in the availability of interesting, higher earning, remote part-time possibilities.

While others are looking at “summer break” as a period of rest and relaxation, let’s look at the positive outcomes of beginning that side hustle, or part-time job now.

Three reasons why the summer is the best time to start a side hustle:

1. Teach lessons about work ethic during downtime: Summer break was THE time that I looked forward to as a child. Play, play, play! As soon as I began my first “real” job, I realized that those long months of summer fun didn’t set me up for success as an adult. I kept wondering when I was going to find large chunks of time for myself and how was I EVER going to find the time to play again?! I quickly realized that the days of summer break were over and would need to be replaced with great time management. My “summer break” was now going to be spread across smaller pockets of time

It’s no secret that kids emulate what their parents do. If children see their parents working hard during the summer months to provide for the family while simultaneously juggling a busy lifestyle, it will teach them valuable tips on work ethic and time management early. This is especially true if you work out of your home. By working a side hustle from home, you will be able to instill your values of hard work, work/life balance, and family-first attitude into your children on a continual basis.

2. More income means more experiences: Have you ever made a wish list of activities and places to visit? Call it a “bucket list” if you will, but my family calls it our “dream list”. Even with grown children, we still make a point to pull out our dream list and make plans to cross off the next activity. It is also a time to remember with fondness those that have been crossed off already! 

Modeling to your children that work is a drudgery is a dangerous reality in many families. Instead, show your children that your job (or jobs) are a necessity that leads to a well-balanced way of life to include hard work, challenges, successes, and the income necessary to not only take care of the family, but also have fun outside of work.

With the added income from a summer side hustle, it may afford your family the opportunity to vacation more frequently or create new experiences with and for your children. Involve them in the building of your very own family dream list and begin to mark them off. Priceless!

3. The power to be present: Let’s revisit time management again since it is directly related to being “present”. Time management is a skill often learned out of necessity. How many times have you found yourself doing “everything” at home instead of asking for help or delegating chores to someone else? 

By working a side hustle, you will quickly realize that others can and will help you if you simply ask. This is a “win” for both you and your children. It teaches them that they can do hard things and that they are valued for their hard work. It also teaches them time management at an earlier age!

With less “free time” while working a summer side hustle, it will reinforce the need for parents to be in the moment and present with the time they do have with their children.

Being present means limiting those distractions and mind wanderings that occur when you have a significant amount to dwell. Be that parent that is not hindered from solidly ending the work day, closing the computer, and putting down the phone! That bike needs dusting off and that trampoline is waiting!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aimee Matolka is a client results director at Liveops focused on the insurance claim clients. She and her incredible team work closely with the agent community to be sure that they are ready and available to restore lives. Aimee also has personal experience as an independent agent with Liveops and cares deeply about helping new agents succeed.