8 Ways a Locksmith Can Protect Your Business

As a business owner, keeping your business premises safe is considered the best way to making sure that your assets are protected at all times. Aside from this, you will make a safe environment for your employees, something that is utterly important for employee morale. To establish this kind of safe space, you’ll want to have a commercial locksmith that is always available whenever you need their service. Need a master key system for your business? Contact aroundtheclocklocks today!

In Coconut Grove and need a reliable Coconut Grove locksmith? Look no further for fast, efficient service that ensures your property’s security is never compromised.

Also, a locksmith like Sima’s – Locksmith in Brooklyn NY does much more than just retrieve jammed keys and pick locks. In fact, when it comes to business’s security, without a doubt, a locksmith is valuable. 

However, if you’re based outside the US and hesitant to invest in a locksmith service, then this article is for you! Here, we highlight some ways a locksmith can help and protect your business.

1. Install Deadbolts

Nowadays, one of the best types of locks to have is deadbolts. These types of locks secure the door in a manner which prevents a burglar from entering your business premises. Even so, if you are planning to install a deadbolt in any door in your building, a locksmith can be a great help.

Locksmiths can finish the job with ease and they also make sure that the frame of your door is sturdy enough to upkeep the deadbolt. However, if the frame is not sturdy enough you don’t have to worry because the locksmith can direct you to an expert who can change it to make sure that it’s more secure.

2. Rekey Commercial Locks

Any durable locks that you have in your business premises can be rekeyed by a reliable locksmith when you’re in need. It is worth considering if one of your employees left your building on a bad term and has duplicate keys to these locks or have an access to the keys if they wanted to.

Nevertheless, if you encountered this scenario, immediately look for a locksmith to ensure the safety of your assets and employees.

3. Install Keypads

One of the best ways to lock up your building or office is by installing keypads. Keypads are more secure because there’s no any keyhole which can be conceded by possible thieves. The good thing is that a locksmith is capable of installing keypads. Moreover, they also make sure that the keypads will function without issues.

4. Set up Panic Bars

In big public establishments, having panic bars installed at their premises is very important. This is because when there’s an emergency, panic bars can push the emergency doors to open that trigger an alarm to warn the people inside the building that there’s a possible emergency and they need to vacate the building.

5. Mount Cabinet Locks

The majority of business need to keep their important documents in a safe place like filing cabinets. If these documents get into the wrong hands it may cause serious damage to their business! Luckily, locksmiths can’t only set up a high-security lock for doors, but locks for filing cabinets as well… Even though your cabinets have locks already, you can still seek help from your locksmith to fix them when damaged.

6. Window Locks

Lots of home thieves give up the high-security in front door deadbolts in accord of coming over a window. However, by simply hiring a professional locksmith to set up window locks on your office, you can take the essential measure to put off any unwanted visitors.

7. Customised Locks

Possibly, it’s not your front door you want to safeguard, but rather your important belongings and smaller valuables. For instance, you own a special filing cabinet where you store your important business documents, then you’ll want to keep those files from getting into the hands of an unauthorised person. Here, a locksmith can offer a custom locking system or lock for any unit in your office.

8. Installing Master Key System

Perhaps you need locking a system that is specifically designed to permit access to particular places and confine it in other people. Either way, if your business needs several access levels, installing a master key system is worth considering. You can use it to make that your business is always safe especially when you’re not around.

Fortunately, a commercial locksmith is usually capable of installing this kind of locking system to make sure you have a high level of security in any place of your business.  


Now that you know what a professional locksmith can do for your business, perhaps you are already planning to hire.

If you are a professional working in the New York City area, turn to Sima’s for a trusted, reliable, and reputable locksmith. Sima’s is currently located in Brooklyn, NY 11238.

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