An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Gaining Clients in PR

An entrepreneur’s guide to gaining clients in PR

how to gain new clients in PR

Are you a recent college graduate who would like to own your own business in PR one day? Sounds like a dream right? And it’s absolutely doable! Although public relations was ranked as one of the most stressful careers of 2015, it is also one of the most rewarding careers a person can have.

So, you’ve got your dream, business idea, maybe even a brand name and your determination. Now you just have to decide: are you going to go for it? Are you going to take your idea and turn your passion into a business?

Figuring out the marketing puzzle of getting your brand out there and be noticed, and landing and keeping clients is not a piece of cake. Nowadays, with such fierce competition out there, it can be difficult to own your own business and to keep all of your customers happy at the same time.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your customers interested in using your services on a regular basis.

1. Develop A Good Reputation:

Relationships are everything in public relations. Working as a public relations professional requires you to be sociable, friendly and approachable. It is important that a business owner develops a good reputation in their area of expertise to help gain the confidence of their business clients. Most people feel comfortable with people they can trust. Establishing a great reputation in your field is critical in building up trust and keeping your business customers satisfied.

2. Get Everything In Writing:

Sometimes it is your loyal customers who are most difficult. It is important that you get everything in writing when dealing with them. Misunderstandings will happen and expectations will not always be met. In working with any brand, put everything down in writing to save money and heartache down the road. This will prevent future conflicts.

3. Always Be Sincere:

Having meaningful conversations with people will show that you are genuinely interested and will allow you to build strong relationships. People can tell when someone is truly honest and caring. It is vital that you are sincere, caring and honest with all of your clients. Some entrepreneurs act nice and professional only when they are in the public eyes. Since you never know who is watching, never do anything you wouldn’t want to become public.

Be honest and sincere all of the time, not just when people are watching. If problems do arise, people will always side with the honest and sincere person.

4. Listen To Your Clients:

Listen to your customers and view your customer service issues through their eyes. You might be surprised what you learn. Don’t assume that you know what your customers want and always listen to the facts of a given situation. Never argue with your clients and always remain polite and professional. Thoroughly listen to your customer’s complaints and then offer helpful suggestions.

5. Use The Assistance Of All Of Your Employees:

Enlist the services of your employees who could be of assistance in working with your clients. Some of your other workers may have the experience and skills of dealing with certain people. Use all of your business resources to keep your customers happy.

6. Prepare For Unexpected Surprises:

Sometimes, things happen that take everyone by surprise. Be flexible. When unexpected things happen, deal with them immediately! You can’t always plan for everything. Develop a positive attitude and learn to find the solution instead of being the problem in dealing with your customers.

7. Stay Active In The Community:

A business that is active in their community enhances their reputation with the public. Get involved in some youth programs, volunteer with a local community service organization or hold a charitable event. People will see that your company cares about the local community. That is a great way to improve your public image with your clients.

These are just some of the ways to keep your clients happy in the long term. Remember to treat everyone with respect and that honesty is the best policy. Treat your clients as how you would want to be treated.

Stan Popovich

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